Free top 10 icon sets each havin 14 categories- Social media, business, symbols etc..

Everyone is now concerned with the look and feel of their websites and catchy icons accomplish the task. They help in creating a unified theme by blending the overall design and it reflects all. In addition to that, we all know the significant role that social media plays in well establishing our website. They not only bring traffic but helps in increasing the popularity of the site.
Here is the top collection of icon sets which are absolutely free to download. So guys its time for some make over :)
Categories to choose from:
1.Social media icons
2.Various signs icons
3.Business icons
4.Alphanumeric icons
5.People thing icons
6.Food beverage icons
7.Natural wonders icons
8.Sports hobbies icons
9.Transport travel icons
10.Culture icons
11.Symbol shape icons
12.Animals icons
13.Arrows icons
14.Media icons

Dont forget to check the bonus icon at the bottom of this screen..

1.Black Inlay Steel Squares Icons:

2.3d-transparent Glass Icons


4.Glossy Black 3d Buttons Icons

5.Antique Glowing Copper Icons

6.Sky Blue white Pearls Icons

7.Blue Chrome Rain Icons

8.Black Ink Grunge Stamps Textures Icons

9.Amber Glossy Chrome Icons

10.Glossy Black Icons

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As i promised my readers to provide some bonus stuff. Check out this collectible social media icons.
Credits: [webtoolkit,SoulVisual]

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