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Almost every newbie on blogger gets pissed after seeing the classic templates on blogger. With Web 3.0 about to come, the classic templates will soon turn to their graves. I'm still unable to figure out why Google people still providing that old, not at all user friendly, poor UI and well, i can go on abusing them in the whole post.

So here it is what every new blogger wants- Crisp, Clean, Friendly UI, blogger templates.
The templates here are presented in categorical view so it becomes wasy to find out which template best suits you.

P.S: Only crisp, clean, error free, adsense optimised templates are included.


  • 1 Column Blogger Template

  • 2 Column Blogger Template

  • 3 Column Blogger Template

  • 4 Column Blogger Template

  • Adsense Optimized Blogger Template

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