How to change blogger template?

Almost every one gets to know how to change the blogger template, as it is quiet easy. But here we'll discuss some important things to keep in mind while changing the template, along with discussing the same.

Step I. Go to Layout>Edit HTML.

Step II*. Make sure you backup your template by downloading it under backup.restore template by clicking on "Download Full Template".

Step III*. Backup all your widgets (page elements) by copying the code and pasting it on any text file.

Step IV . Now click on the Browse tab , just below it. Select the your favourite Template file (the one with .xml extension) and press Upload.

Step V . The Blogger will remind you that you are about to delete the page elements in old templates, if any. Just click "Confirm & Save".

That's it. All you have to take care is of step II and III, the backup part.


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