The all new yahoo!

Yahoo again launched a new homepage with cool new features. The major changes involves the left sidebar, where widgets are installed. Using these widgets you can have a quick look of your new mails, check whose online on messenger, connect with friends on facebook, access your Gmail account, and add your favourite websites.

The best feature is the fast response time you get while switching from one widget to other. Lets have a look.

1. View your facebook activity from Yahoo!

Yes, now no need to open facebook in a separate window, just connect with your friends while checking mails.

2. Check your Gmail messages from Yahoo!

Yahoo wants all the customers, so providing access to hot apps from thier interface.

3. Add your favorite websites.

Like you can preview facebook and gmail you can also add your favorite blogs or websites for preview. It automatically creates the excerpt and title of your posts. All you have to do is enter your blog's RSS feed URL.

I added the URL of MY blog and it appeared like this.

4. New and improved YahooMail!

Just hover your mouse on Yahoo! Mail and take a sneak peek.

5. Send instant messages.

Check whose online and start chatting.

Thus, to conclude, the all new and improved Yahoo Homepage provides you a single platform to access all competing companies. A good way to lure people.
Need I mention more things for you to click here.


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