Microsoft Interview - Wasting the princess of darkness

Looking for a job at Microsoft? All geared up for interview. Think AGAIN!
These nuts can set your pants on fire.
A random interview I came across..

From "Pete" (not his real name):

I walked into my first technical interview at Microsoft, and before I could say anything, the woman says, �You�re in an 8x8 stone corridor.� I blink and sit down.

Interviewer: �The prince of darkness appears before you.�

Me: �You mean, like, the devil?�

Interviewer: �Any prince of darkness will do.�

Me: �Ok.�

Interviewer: �What do you do?�

Me: �Can I run?�

Interviewer: �Do you want to run?�

Me: Hmm� I guess not �Do I have a weapon?�

Interviewer: �What kind of weapon do you want?�

Me: �Um� something with range?�

Interviewer: �Like what?�

Me: �Uh� a crossbow?�

Interviewer: �What kind of ammo do you have?�

Me: �Ice arrows?�

Interviewer: �Why?�

Me: �Because the prince of darkness is a creature made of fire???�

Interviewer: �Fine� so what do you do next?�

Me: �I shoot him?�

Interviewer: �No� what do you do?�


Interviewer: �You WASTE him! You *WASTE* the prince of darkness!!�

Me: Holy crap� what have I gotten myself into.

She then tells me that she asks that question for two reasons. 1) Because she wants to know if the candidate is a gamer (which is apparently really important� please note: I�m not a gamer) and 2) because she wants her question to show up on some website. I hate to accommodate her, but this is definitely the weirdest interview question I�ve ever heard of.

Source: Sells Brothers


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