Importance of Anchor Text in Backlinks

Anchor text is simply the text used in hyperlink (link) from one URL to another.
The links can be of various types:
  • Internal links from one page on your web site to another page (URL) on your Website only.
  • An embedded hyperlink pointing within the same document on a webpage.
  • An outbound anchor text link from your web site to another web site that supports, or is related to your topic “outbound vote of confidence.”
  • Inbound Anchor Text hyperlink from another website to your website. This is known as an “inbound vote of confidence.”
While creating any kind of link, the anchor text is the most important aspect for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is really important to use relevant keywords for where the user is to be directed.

This Keyword Optimization serves two purposes:
  1. The user gains an idea as to what to expect at the other end of the Anchor Text link.
  2. Search engine rankings will be improved because of the text’s relevance.

The following criterion is important when developing a Hyperlink’s Anchor Text.

1. Keyword Relevance of anchor text
2. Topical Relevance of anchor text
3. Quality Information at the other end of the Anchor Text Link.

Don’t forget that when you develop an Outbound Anchor Text Hyperlink (vote of confidence) to another Domain (website), the Web surfer may leave your site, and for good.Be clear that where you’re sending them is necessary (topical relevance).The surfer will take note that you have pointed them in the right direction for their need (quality information).Respect will be gained for this and a greater possibility they will refer to you again in the future.

For the Keyword Relevance of an anchor text link make sure that the actual keyword or keyword phrase that you utilize in the anchor text appears on the page that you are sending the surfer. Otherwise the SEO aspect of creating the link is lost.


For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes you need to decide what URL Protocol you will use in all of your Anchor Text Links. Learn to use ‘one’ URL protocol form or the other for all future web development purposes.

This is a very important point for search engine rankings. Basically it boils down to consistency in link saturation. Here are your choices:


Better stick to one.

You need to guide those who are linking back to you (backlink), and also focus your internal linking structure with consistent URL protocol addresses.

Another Quick Point: Do not just develop backlinks that point to your home page. You need to have linking structures that go deep into your web or blog site as well.


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