A Samhain Candle Spell

One pillar candle in pumpkin, orange, or black.Very Finely grated apple peelThree or four vibrant colored fallen leavesA Block of Paraffin waxA heavy, thick nailAn empty coffee canA Poem, verse or prayer to the Dark Goddess, as an offering from your to Her.
1. Cleanse and purify all ingredients in whatever manner works for you.
2.  Wearing a heavy glove, heat the nail by holding it over a flame for a minute or so.  It doesn’t need to be red-hot, just nicely warm.
3.  Using the hot nail, make nine deep holes in the pillar candle. (Top to bottom)  Reheat the nail as needed.  Nine is the number of the final harvest, just prior to completion and manifestation.  It is also “the power of three times three,” three being the number sacred to the Dark Goddess.
4.  Next melt a block of the paraffin wax in the coffee can. 
5.  As it melts sprinkle some of the grated apple peel into it.  You can also add any other ingredients that appeal to you and be in keeping with your goal. Dragon’s blood oil, cinnamon, patchouli, graveyard dust 
6.  Pour the melted paraffin into the holes you made in the candle, filling them.
7.  Next melt the second block of paraffin wax in the coffee can.
8.  Carefully dip one of the fallen leaves into the paraffin, and quickly lay the wet leaf on one side of the candle, smoothing it on.  The hot wax should help seal it in place.  If it doesn’t, use a small paintbrush to paint the leaf onto the candle with more hot melted wax.
9.  Repeat this process with all the leaves until your candle is covered. 
10.  Allow the candle to dry and cool.
11.  Take the candle to a crossroads at midnight on Halloween (October 31st) or on the actual Samhain cross-quarter date, November 7th.  Alternately, choose the darkest moment of a dark moon, preferably in Scorpio on a Saturday. Just such a date arrives on the Saturday before Halloween.  The moon is in Gemini all night, goes void of course at 3:31 am, and enters Scorpio at 5:08 a.m.  The new moon begins at 7:50 a.m.  So if you choose this date, do your work between 5 and 7 a.m., and focus on doing it in the darkness, before sunrise.
12. Sitting as near as you can safely sit at the juncture of the crossroads (off the pavement of course) hold the candle in your hands.  Channel the energy of the Dark Goddess, of the final harvest, of the changing seasons, into the candle as you say: “I dedicate this candle to the Crone, the Hag, the WitchBecause she is a part of me.A part I do not fear.A part I honor.She is Wisdom.  Knowledge.  Experience.She is Patience.  Peace.  Tranquility.She is Power.  Strength.  Courage.She is, I am.She is, I am.She is, I am.I charge this candle by the powers of the Dark Goddess.Whenever I light it, I invoke Your energies into me.I get in touch with my inner crone.So mote it be.”
13.  Light the candle, and recite the poem or verse you have written in Her honor.  Spend a few moments there, embracing the energy of Samhain.
14. Take the candle home, wrap it in a soft dark colored cloth, and keep it out of the light.
15. You will use this candle whenever you feel the need to get in touch with the energies of the Crone, or the Dark Goddess.  When you’re dealing with a death, or helping others to deal with it. When you’re trying to ease the way for someone who is suffering.  When you need the wisdom of experience. When you need to banish something negative from your life.  When you need to sharpen your powers of divination.  When you seek the final harvest.  Light the candle, recite the verse, and experience the energy.


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