81 Places To Sell Your Crafts Online

There are many places to sell your crafts online and it’s hard to say which is best. On this list you will find online marketplaces and some auction sites. They are ordered alphabetically and to give you some idea of their popularity, I included Alexa traffic rank, Quantcast rank and Google Page Rank for each site.

Artistically Connected [Sponsored]

Artistically Connected is an on-line art marketplace for Canadian artists and worldwide buyers. For only $10 a month you can list as much work as you wish.
Artistically Connected specializes in corporate sales with an easy to use site catering to all art buyers.
Contact Artistically Connected via phone or email

1000 Markets offers free shops for sellers of crafts and handmade. They accept merchants from solo artists to small businesses. At the moment, only US based sellers are supported, but they are working on accepting sellers internationally.
Opening a shop is 100% free. There are no fees for setup, listing, or hosting. When you make a sale, 1000 Markets deducts 5.5% of the order total (inclusive of any shipping fees you may charge) and an additional $0.50. There are no additional transaction fees. They use Amazon Payments to send you money. Amazon Payments are free for orders that originate from 1000 Markets.
Alexa: 52.131     Quantcast: 46.561    Google Page Rank: 5

2. 4Sale4Now

4Sale4Now offers a venue for selling and buying wide range of products and services. It is kind of auction site but unlike typical auction sites, prices on 4Sale4Now go down, not up.
After signing up for a member account you have to complete sellers application. Once that is done you can begin uploading items you want to sell. You set initial price of your items along with the type of discounts to be allowed over period of time. Initial price should be fair market value of item you want to sell and discounts are: up to 10% off, up to 25% off or up to 50% off. Then select the duration of your sale (6-60 days) and decide the number of days between the price drops. For a fee schedule click here.
Alexa: 467,174    Quantcast: 58,063    Google Page Rank: 3

3. Artbaay

Artbaay is an art and craft online marketplace. There is no entry or monthly fees. Artbaay retains 15% commission on the sale of your items. Artists FAQ can be found here.
Alexa: 3,731,046    Quantcast: –   Google Page Rank: 2

4. Artfire

Artfire is free online marketplace for buying and selling handmade, art, vintage, media and craft supplies. They offer two membership levels: Basic and Verified.
Basic membership is free and allows an unlimited number of listings per month capped at 12 items in your Studio at a time. When your items sell, relist them or replace them with new items, free. It also includes Google Analytics and real-time server stats to maximize your promotion.
Verified membership costs $12.00 per month and you can list unlimited number of items without any additional fees. You have full access to management features, promotional tools and enhanced functionality plus increased site exposure. You can find full feature list here.
Alexa: 11,652   Quantcast: 4,193   Google Page Rank: 5

5. Artflock

ArtFlock is an online creative community where you can buy and sell contemporary craft and original art. They also offer tool Website Publisher for those artists and crafters who just want to display their work.
There is no joining fees and listing your work is also free. ArtFlock takes commision fees only when item is sold: 3.5% for items sold through your Website Publisher site, 5% for items sold through ArtFlock.com, 15% for items sold through MyDeco.com (an interiors site – you are able to opt out of this option)
Alexa: 754,663   Quantcast: 164,988   Google Page Rank: 4

6. Artful Home

Artful Home is juried website which connects artists with customers who buy and commission artwork. There is $35 jury fee for each time you apply. If you are accepted, they will market your artwork through their website for a $25/month fee and take standard gallery commission for sold artwork. You can have unlimited number of items hosted and recommended minimum is 4 – 6 items. You can find more information here.
Alexa: 271,795   Quantcast: 37,016   Google Page Rank: 5

7. Artisans Market

Artisans Market is an e-commerce marketplace that supports artists and craftsmen/women. Membership is $10 a month and 10% of sales. They offer professional web-presence within their marketplace. See full list of features here.
Alexa: 3,231,950   Quantcast: 363,148   Google Page Rank: 3

8. Artsefest

Artsefest is creative works showcase where you can sell handmade arts and crafts. They also offer tools to create your own website completely e-commerce ready by using PayPal’s secure payment system. No HTML or programming knowledge is required to build your site.
Artsefest charges monthly fee based on features you select. Building website with Artsefest costs $14.00 a month, linking from their directory to your site costs $8.00a month, and $6.00/month for those who just want to upload and sell their work on Artsefest. See features and price structure here.
Alexa: 861,054   Quantcast: 126,542   Google Page Rank: 3

9. Atomic Mall

Atomic Mall is an auction alternative marketplace where individuals can buy or sell virtually anything. Sellers can set up shop instantly and for free. You can customize your store with avatars, banners and logos. They also offer AtomicUploader tool to instantly import your existing eBay auctions. Click here for list of fees and account upgrade options.
Alexa: 69,095   Quantcast: 13,150   Google Page Rank: 4

10. AtOncer

AtOncer is an online auction and marketplace to buy and sell online. You can open free shop integrated with regular Auction, Fixed price and free offer listings with up to 15 categories. There are no setup, listing or hidden fees, you simply pay when you sell an item. Final value fee is 5%.
Alexa: 164,837   Quantcast: 53,515   Google Page Rank: 4

11. Blujay

Blujay is 100% free for buyers and sellers. You can post unlimited items and each item can have up to 4 images. Listings last up to 180 days.
Alexa: 67,983   Quantcast: 22,236   Google Page Rank: 4

12. Bonanzle

Bonanzle is an online marketplace for buying and selling unique items. Buyers and sellers can chat in real-time. Opening your booth (online store) and listing items for sale including up to 4 pictures is free.
Bonanzle also supports importing of your active listings from eBay and Craigslist, or from an inventory file. You only pay when you sell items. Fees for sold items range from $0.50 for smallest sale (under $10) and $10 for sales over $1000. You are billed for your Bonanzle fees monthly and you can pay with PayPal or Google Checkout. Find Bonanzle fees list here.
Alexa: 9,732   Quantcast: 5,912   Google Page Rank: 5

13. Boticca

Boticca is new online marketplace with unique jewelry, bags and fashion accessories from talented independent designers around the world. Setting up shop and listing items is free. When you sell an items,Boticca charges sales fee. For more information on fees, click here.
Alexa: 553,282   Quantcast: 878,798   Google Page Rank: 1

14. Bouf

Bouf is specialist marketplace for homeware and gift designers. They have several plans for sellers: Starter from £4.99/month, Pro £9.99/month and Enterprise £19.99/month.
Bouf also offers 90 days Free Trial with no obligation to continue. There is no listing fee for any of the plans, only sales commission. Click here to see all features and pricing.
Alexa: 321,373   Quantcast: —   Google Page Rank: 4

15. BT Tradespace

BT Tradespace is people powered community that enables social business. Anyone can join and sell online, shop or simply promote or advertise their business. It is free to join and list your products. Find more information here.
Alexa: 32,218   Quantcast: 120,158   Google Page Rank: 5

16. BuySellCommunity

BuySellCommunity is free online classified ads site with storefront establishment and setup. If you want to take your business to the next level, they offer you premium services which include Bold & Highlight ($1.00), Feature ad listing ($2.00 and up), Web linking ($2.00) and Verified membership ($5.00 per year).
Alexa: 71,035   Quantcast: 10,548   Google Page Rank: 4

17. Collectibles-Network

Collectibles-Network is low cost ecommerce web store shopping mall. You can open your own customizable online store and sell physical or downloadable products.
They offer few accounts: Basic for $9.95 (up to 500 products), Advance for $19.95 (up to 1000 products) and Anchor for $29.95 (unlimited products). There are no listing or final value fees. Supported payment gateways are: PayPal Checkout, Google Checkout, 2Checkout and Moneybookers. Click here to see full list of features and pricing plans. Free 30 day trial store available.
Alexa: 12,860,866   Quantcast: 1,376,990   Google Page Rank: 1

18. Collectors Online Mall

Collectors Online Mall features stores that offer antiques, collectibles and a variety of vintage items including antique and depression glass, trading cards, antiquarian books, primitives, advertising items, vintage clothing and jewelry, perfume and many other items. Sellers get free 3-month trial. There is no commissions or listing fees, only flat store rate. Click here to see monthly store rates.
Alexa: 6,633,251   Quantcast: 959,889   Google Page Rank: 2

19. Coriandr

You can sell anything creative and handmade on Coriandr in wide range of categories such as art, bath and beauty, books, clothing, crochet, furniture, geekery, jewellery, papercraft, supplies and more.
It costs nothing to join as seller and open customizable shop with your own domain (e.g. myshop.coriandr.com). You pay $0.20 for listing and commission of 2.5% on each sale. Listings never expire so you don’t have to relist and pay it again. They use PayPal to process seller invoices, credit and debit cards .
Alexa: 1,099,312   Quantcast: 378,840   Google Page Rank: 3

20. Craft Fetish

Craft Fetish is New Zealand’s online crafting community where you can buy and sell handmade crafts. They take 5% commission on all sales plus one off set fee of 25c per listing.
Alexa: 23,464,161   Quantcast: —    Google Page Rank: —

21. Craft is Art

Craft is Art is online marketplace to buy and sell handmade. You can open free customizable store. There are no listing fees. Sales commission is 3.50%. For all fees and features click here.
Alexa: 6,220,301   Quantcast: 595,374   Google Page Rank: 2

22. Craft Mall

Craft Mall offers a fun and creative craft mall that features unique arts and crafts from crafters around the world. They offer Basic and Premier Accounts for sellers for monthly fee based on how many items you list. If you want to sell on Craft Mall you also have to be able to accept Visa and Master Card through a merchant account or through PayPal.
Alexa: 1,218,863   Quantcast: 166,201   Google Page Rank: 4

23. Crobbies

Crobbies is online venue to buy and sell all sorts of handmade goods. You can list unlimited items for free, but you will be billed 3% of the sale price of your item per quantity listed if it sells. You can always see theircurrent fees here.
Alexa: 7,712,580   Quantcast: –   Google Page Rank: 2

24. Daisy Craft

Daisy Craft offers Premium and Merchant shops to sellers. Basic store is free to create, Standard Store is $5.95 per month and Premium Store is $64.95 per year.
There are three types of Merchant shops: Bronze Merchant ($24.95/year), Silver Merchant ($64.95/year) and Gold Merchant ($89.95/year). Click here to see pricing plans, fees and features.
You can sell all handmade items and art and craft supplies (handmade or commercial). All listings are currently free. There is 5% sales fee on sold items. You have to have PayPal account in order to be paid.
Alexa: 5,638,229   Quantcast: –   Google Page Rank: 4

25. DaWanda

DaWanda is an European online marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade products. You are welcome to sell everything that is unique, customizable and/or handmade. DaWanda is not limited in product categories, it can be anything from furniture, jewelry, digital art, clothes, music, art, toys, etc. as long as the things you offer are made or designed by you and are neither mass-produced nor imported.
You can easily set up your shop at DaWanda with individual URL and list your items for sale. Listing items is currently completely free of charge and commission on sold items is 5%. They plan to introduce listing fees in the future. More info on fees.
Alexa: 5,347   Quantcast: 21,375   Google Page Rank: 5

26. Dreamaid

Dreamaid provides venue to buy and sell handmade arts and crafts. You can list as many products as you want for free. There is 10% selling fee on sold items.
As a seller you can choose to donate % of your sale price to the Dreamaid Charity that will help people in poorer countries to get their products to markets outside their normal reach.
Alexa: 1,447,984   Quantcast: 1,118,890   Google Page Rank: 1

27. eCrater

eCrater offers free customizable online stores and free online marketplace. There are no fees for opening store, listing items and selling. You will always get 100% of your sales. All products are posted to Google Product Search as well.
Alexa: 3,725   Quantcast: 825   Google Page Rank: 5

28. Ekaweeka

Ekaweeka is small business community where you can shop and sell your products, services, arts and crafts.
Alexa: 4,377,868   Quantcast: 1,402,243   Google Page Rank: 3

29. Elsewares

Elsewares is catalog of unique products from independent designers, artists and entrepreneurs. They are always on lookout for innovative products and ideas. If you would like to sell at Elsewares, fill their submission form and be sure to include links, photos and information about your products.
Alexa: 217,388   Quantcast: 116,847   Google Page Rank: 4

30. Erayo

Erayo is online wholesale marketplace linking designers from around the world with small and medium size re-sellers. To join Erayo you have to apply by sending an email stating your professional experience, contact details and at least 5 images of your work.
Erayo offers new sellers a free trial period of 3 months in which sellers will pay no hosting fee and no listing fee for new products they upload to their store. Once the free trial period is over, you can choose one of 3 service packages they offer. More on fees here.
Alexa: 164,216   Quantcast: 157,192   Google Page Rank: 3

31. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for crafts and handmade items, vintage items, commercial and handmade crafting supplies. You can setup free online store with personal username. All you have to do is sign up, have credit card and be older than 18 years.
Etsy charges $0.20 fee per listing an item for 4 months. If item isn’t sold in that time, listing expires and you can relist it again for same price. When you make a sale, Etsy will charge 3.5% commission of the total sale price (it doesn’t include shipping price). Your Etsy fees can be paid using the credit card or via PayPal.
Alexa: 436   Quantcast: 329   Google Page Rank: 7

32. Felt

Felt is a New Zealand-based online marketplace for handmade goods. Anyone can sell their work on Felt, but your first five listings will be pre-approved by Felt administration before appearing on the site to maintain the standard and aesthetic of products listed.
Approval is usually within 24 hours of submission. After that, your listings will go live instantly. Selling works on a prepaid system, which covers your listing fees and commission. Before selling on Felt you are required to load a minimum of $10 into your account. Each listing costs a flat fee of 50 cents, and lasts for four months. There is 5% sale fee when your item sells. Listing and sale fees are automatically deducted from your account when you list/renew/sell an item.
Alexa: 743,621   Quantcast: 523,391   Google Page Rank: 4

33. FindsIt

FindsIt is a business to person and person to person online marketplace. It is similar to eBay but with no listing fees. You can sell new or used items from antiques to video games.
There are two account types: Lite and Elite. Lite account is free to list membership with 100 maximum active listings and you pay fee if your item sells. Elite sellers list for free and pay closing fee when their item sells. There are no limitations in the number of live listings, payment types, and maximum list price. See fee chart here.
Alexa: 3,355,851   Quantcast: 511,336   Google Page Rank: 3

34. Flippid

Flippid is now free to list and sell. They offer three ways to sell: Listener (let Flippid find buyers for you), SellOff (auction listing) and JustBuyIt (buy it at this price listing). After you have sold 10 items or more, you can open free Flippid Store. You can completely customize your store’s appearance, modify sections, specify categories, highlight featured listings and more.
Alexa: 133,976   Quantcast: —   Google Page Rank: 3

35. Folksy

Folksy is UK based online marketplace for crafters and designers. You can open your shop and list items for sale for 20p (pound sterling). Items are listed for six months. When you make sale, Folksy charges 5% commission (shipping not included). You have to use PayPal account to sell on Folksy.
Alexa: 143,495   Quantcast: 349,300   Google Page Rank: 5

36. Funky Finds

Funky Finds offers several types of shops for a monthly fee starting from $1.99/month for 25 products to $7.99/month for 150 products. There are no sales fees, you only pay monthly fee for shop and any PayPal fees you incur. Refer a friend to Funky Finds and you both receive one free month.
Alexa: 1,397,227   Quantcast: 745,095   Google Page Rank: 3

37. FuzzB

FuzzB is marketplace for handmade, independent goods. There are no listing or final fees. You can choose free account or FuzzB VIP Account for only $25 per year for life.
Alexa: 203,209   Quantcast: 563,074   Google Page Rank: 1

38. GLC Mall

GLC Mall is designed for the buying and selling of all handmade crafts. You can open free Basic Store and list up to 12 items or become Full Member for $12 per month flat fee. There is no setup fee and no commissions. You will need PayPal account to accept major credit cards.
Alexa: 499,889   Quantcast: —   Google Page Rank: 1

39. GlimpseOnline

GlimpseOnline is community of high-end creative artists and designers where you can buy and sell unique design from art, ceramics, fashion and furniture to jewelry and vintage.
All designers are carefully vetted and to apply you need to register as seller and then upload three products for review (more info in Designer Guidelines section). GlimpseOnline charges 20% commission for online sales and 30% for sales facilitated offline.
Alexa: 576,705   Quantcast: —   Google Page Rank: 3

40. GoZabo

GoZabo is juried site where you can sell art or fine crafts. To join GoZabo, you must first submit picture of example of your work. Once you are approved as artisan on GoZabo you will be able to login and create your gallery.
GoZabo charges 4% sales fee on the total amount of your monthly sales. If you don’t sell, you don’t pay. Products are purchased directly from you via PayPal.
Alexa: 4,379,081   Quantcast: 743,183   Google Page Rank: 3

41. Handmade Catalog

Handmade Catalog is place for crafters to sell their work online without hassle to maintain their own website. There are three membership options for sellers: Basic, Standard and Professional.
Pro Membership is $12.95 per month or $100.00 per year (list up to 1200 items), Standard Membership is $7.95 per month or $60.00 per year (list up to 250 items) and there is a Basic Membership for $4.95 per month or $40.00 per year (list up to 50 items).
Beside monthly fee you have to pay sales fee in different percentage depending on membership type. For Basic membership Handmade Catalog charges 15% commission from each item sold, for Standard membership commission is 10% and for Professional 5%.
Alexa: 1,182,801   Quantcast: 206,387   Google Page Rank: 3

42. Hyena Cart

Hyena Cart is ideally suited to artisans with low-volume businesses and specially designed for sellers of one-of-a-kind, high demand items. Sellers are offered two different style of stores: HC standard and HC Multi. Costs are: $10 setup fee and $5 a month after that ($7.50 with image hosting). You have choice of offering checks/MO and PayPal as payment options.
Alexa: 64,758   Quantcast: 67,934   Google Page Rank: 4

43. iCraft

iCraft is Canadian online marketplace for handmade jewelry, crafts and gifts. They accept original, one-of-a-kind art, craft and fashion pieces from independent artists.
There is one-time registration fee of $25 CAD plus low monthly fee for listing over 5 products. There are no other sales or hosting fees. Information on iCraft pricing can be found here.
Alexa: 255,082   Quantcast: 153,169   Google Page Rank: 3

44. InetFlea

InetFlea is Internet Flea Market. To sell on InetFlea you have to choose one of three available annual memberships: Standard ($19.95), Gold ($49.95) or Platinum ($99.95). Sales commission fee is 5%. You can find more information on memberships and fees here.
Alexa: 3,148,218   Quantcast: 1,202,024   Google Page Rank: 1

45. iOffer

iOffer is not auction site although they allow you to trade and negotiate the price. Listing items is free, you only pay fee when item sells. Here you can find their Fees & Credits Policy. If you list two or more items you can get customizable free store with integrated shopping cart and transfer your rating from eBay.
Alexa: 2,337   Quantcast: 1,114   Google Page Rank: 4

46. Joolia

Joolia is marketplace for buying and selling fashion, jewelry and accessories. They offer 3 plans to sellers: Starter (£4.99/month), Pro (£9.99/month) and Enterprise (£19.99/month). You can also try the site for 90 days for free. For full list of features and pricing click here.
Alexa: 3,255,874   Quantcast: –   Google Page Rank: 3

47. JustBeads

JustBeads is an auction site just for beads. JustBeads charges Basic listing, Showcase and Featured listing fees as well as final sale fee. Items that have not sold can be re-listed up to 10 times at no charge. You can list one thumbnail photo and up to 4 full size photos for free. More information on fees.
Alexa: 742,564   Quantcast: 226,653   Google Page Rank: 4

48. Kinfolk Crafts

Kinfolks Crafts basic package includes one web page on their server for up to 10 of your products. All you have to do is provide them with digital images and product information and they do the rest. They will create graphic template according to your wishes including a personalized business logo and also maintain your page.
There are no commission fees and your page comes complete with PayPal shopping cart. Price is $100 for design and set-up fee and $19.95 a month for hosting and maintenance. The minimum hosting requirement is 3 months.
Alexa: 1,490,443   Quantcast: 326,000   Google Page Rank: 3

49. Lollishops

Lollishops is juried marketplace and they accept sellers of handmade creations, artistic supplies and vintage treasures that compliment a Cottage Style influence. To sell online on Lollishops, you have to submit an application and wait for approval. Once you are approved, you will have to pay for your store and your account will be upgraded so you can start editing store and creating products.
The fee structure is available upon request by emailing lollishops@gmail.com
Alexa: 1,064,312   Quantcast: 294,709   Google Page Rank: 4

50. Lov.li

Lov.li is community of artisans and crafters where you can sell any art or handmade products as long as you made it yourself. There are no listing fees and no limit on number of items. Lov.li charges 3.5% commission fee to the seller.
Alexa: 1,414,077   Quantcast: 591,180 Google Page Rank: 4

51. Madeitmyself

Madeitmyself is still in beta and while beta lasts selling handmade items is completely free. Once out of beta, they will introduce small listing and sales fee as well as few new and unique pricing structures.
Alexa: 464,688   Quantcast: 208,637   Google Page Rank: 4

52. Madeit

Madeit is Autralian handmade marketplace. Selling is restricted to Australian residents only. Madeit charges 35c listing fee and 4% sales fee when an item is sold. Listing lasts for four months. You can have your listing randomly featured on the homepage for an additional cost of $2.70. To include extra images (above the free limit of 3 images) costs 20c per image.
Alexa: 243,872   Quantcast: 431,618   Google Page Rank: 4

53. Main Street Mall Online

Main Street Mall Online is merchandise-specific mall for online sellers. They offer 3 store packages: free Mini-Store for for up to ten listings, Single Store for $29.99/month and Multiple Stores for $49.99/month. There are no listing fees or final sales commissions. All transactions are directly between buyer and seller.
Main Street Vintage and Main Street Patterns are Main Street Online Mall sister sites. They also started MSMO Sites, their website community which provides installation, the hosting, and on-going tech support at an affordable price. See MSMO Sites packages.
Alexa: 183,441   Quantcast: 83,331   Google Page Rank: 3

54. Maine creates

Maine Creates is creative marketplace for Maine artisans, crafters, small food producers and designers to market and sell their products and services to a global audience.
Alexa: 3,032,497   Quantcast: –   Google Page Rank: 4

55. Markets Online

Markets Online is Australian marketplace where you can sell and buy just about anything. You can open your own online virtual market stall for free. There are no hidden fees or commissions.
Alexa: 1,285,843   Quantcast: –   Google Page Rank: 3

56. Mintd

Mintd is a global collaborative space for artists, designers and musicians to sell their work and connect to new markets. You can sell one-off creations, limited editions or something you can mass produce.
Mintd offers several subscription plans and each lasts 1 year from the time of subscription. You can setup a shop with up to 3 products for free. There is 5.0% sales fee, but you only pay if you sell something. Pro subscription plan for 25 products costs $20 and 4.0% sales fee, Roller subscription for 50 products costs $50 and 3.0% sales fee, and Tycoon subscription plan for 250 products costs $100 and 3.0% sales fee. Visit theirSeller Plans page to see full list of features for each subscription.
Alexa: 1,474,288   Quantcast: –   Google Page Rank: 4

57. Misi

Misi (which stands for Make It Sell It) is UK based website where you can sell handmade items, vintage items and craft supplies. Mass produced or third party handmade products are not allowed.
Misi offers free for life shop, free crafters blog and free domain (e.g. http://yourshop.misi.me.uk). Commission fee on sold items is 3% and 20p per listing no matter what the quantity. You need Paypal account to accept payments.
Alexa: 260,370   Quantcast: 1,254,751   Google Page Rank: 3

58. Modavore

Modavore is new indie marketplace to buy and sell indie apparel, accessories, art, beauty and more. Beta launch is planned in November 2009. Your first 500 items will be free to list. There are no montly fees or relist fees. You will be able to set up customizable shop. If you are interested in selling on Modavore, visit their site and request invitation for beta.

59. MyEhive

MyEhive is UK & Ireland online marketplace for handmade, reclaimed, recycled and customized vintage goods. They offer three types of stores. Worker package for 5 products is free, Drone package for 25 products costs £4.99 per month, and Queen package for 100 products costs £9.99 per month. There are no commission fees. You need PayPal account to pay your monthly fee.
Alexa: 2,083,386   Quantcast: —   Google Page Rank: 3

60. MyStore

MyStore provides a platform and tools to help sellers promote and distribute their stores and items all over the Internet and a system to process and record their transactions. You can post classified ads, create an online store, place your items in other seller’s stores, add items from other sellers to your store and even create your own marketplace of stores with other sellers.
There are no setup fees or listing fees. They also offer ProStore Premium Merchant Services for $8/month.Click here to see full list of features.
Alexa: 321,030   Quantcast: 160,735   Google Page Rank: 3

61. NativeMotif

NativeMotif is free online artisan marketplace specializing in selling handmade jewelry, art glass, fine art, ceramics, metal work, sculptures and wall décor. It is juried online gallery and all artwork must be first approved.
There are no listing, final or hidden fees. You set competitive wholesale price including your packaging/material costs and suggest retail price and NativeMotif sets the final retail price. They will also manage the relationship between you and the customer. Consignment agreement is available for review for those who qualify.
Alexa: 1,475,944   Quantcast: 616,712   Google Page Rank: 2

62. Not On The High Street

Not On The High Street is always on the lookout for unique small business talent. They offer special package which includes a dedicated homepage and URL, dedicated product pages complete with images and copy, plus news and events page and inclusion of up to 30 products in their special multi-category system.
If you have your own site, but no checkout or shopping facility, they will provide a choice of buttons to take the shopper direct to your notonthehighstreet.com online shop. They decline 95% of new applications to maintain quality. You can apply and request information here.
Alexa: 42,350   Quantcast: 149,660   Google Page Rank: 4

63. Oztion Auctions

Oztion Auctions is Australian auction site where you can sell almost anything. Visit their fees page to learn more about fees and features.
Alexa: 18,962   Quantcast: 40,570   Google Page Rank: 5

64. Poppytalk Handmade

Poppytalk Handmade is a monthly online curated market to showcase, buy and sell handmade goods of emerging and established artists. They rent out “virtual tables” (much like an art/craft market) to artists/designers for a one month period (or more) where all items on these “virtual tables” are linked to each artists online shop (e.g. Etsy, DaWanda, etc.).
Each artist then sells directly to the buyers. Pricing is in Canadian dollars: $60/month for the first month and then $50 if you wish to continue/return, but not commit to more than one month at a time, $45/month for 3 months and $40 /month for 6 months. To apply to Poppytalk Handmade you need to send them link to your online shop and specify which market you are applying for. If you don’t yet have an online shop, they will accept shops created through Etsy, Dawanda, etc.
Alexa: 519,454   Quantcast: 205,560   Google Page Rank: 4

65. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is an online venue that hosts a community of hundreds of individually owned shops. All items in your shop must fall in one or more following categories (Lanes): antiques, vintage clothing & accessories, dolls, fine art, glass, antique & vintage jewelry, artisan jewelry, porcelain, postcards, pottery and silver.
There is one time $75 setup fee per shop and one time fee of 30 cents to list an item. There is no commission, but after an item has been listed, from the next month on you have to pay maintenace fees. Click here to see fees and features list.
Alexa: 17,846   Quantcast: 1,844   Google Page Rank: 5

66. Seeking Designers

Seeking Designers is an affordable and trouble-free way for designers to grow their business by connecting with press/media members, retail/wholesale buyers and online consumers. They require a certain level of quality and have simple approval process after which you can set up your showroom. One month membership costs $24.99.
Alexa: 522,406   Quantcast: —   Google Page Rank: 3

67. Sell Handmade

Sell Handmade is online craft market where Australia and New Zealand crafters can offer their wares to the world. Four months listing fee is $0.60, first 3 images are free and extra two images cost $0.15 each. There are no sales fees. More information on pricing here.
Alexa: 8,222,365   Quantcast: –   Google Page Rank: 2

68. Shop Handmade

Shop Handmade is dedicated to handmade crafts and is advertiser sponsored. They offer free shop and free listings with sponsorship. There is 25¢ listing fee for each item you list or you can list items for free choosing from one of several sponsors who will pay your 25¢ listing fee. There are few things that do cost money but they are not required. Click here for full information on fees.
Alexa: 266,033   Quantcast: 58,837   Google Page Rank: 4

69. Shopit

Shopit is free commerce platform to buy and sell goods and services. You can build personalized widgets, quickly upload items and list them for sale. Widgets can be displayed across web, including social networks, blogs and e-mails. Shopit is absolutely free. You can buy, sell, trade and list items without any fees.
Alexa: 160,172   Quantcast: 165,312   Google Page Rank: 4

70. Silkfair

Silkfair is an online marketplace for a variety of products, not just handmade. Signing up as seller and opening store is free. Listings items is also free. You only pay 3% commission when item is sold.
You can even upload videos of your products. Your eBay rating can also be integrated into your Silkfair profile. Silkfair also offers Custom Shop which you can brand and customize. Custom Shop costs $24.99 per month.
Alexa: 202,347   Quantcast: 87,533   Google Page Rank: 4

71. SmashingDarling

SmashingDarling is the virtual hub for indie/emerging fashion designers. You can create free boutique with as many photos as you want. SmashingDarling charges flat 18% fee only when you make a sale. You can sell anything that falls under category of independent fashion, from clothing and jewelry to accessories, vintage items and more. They are not looking for home décor items, bed and bath products, or arts and crafts.
Alexa: 254,253   Quantcast: 168,079   Google Page Rank: 4

72. The SOC Exchange

The SOC Exchange is s a nation-wide e-commerce community where you can sell anything you want including things like household goods, clothes, shoes, jewelry, furniture, phones, toys, boats, books, computer goods, electrical goods, antiques, paintings and garden equipment. For just $1 per month or $10 per year, flat rate, you can list and sell as many items as you want. There are no commission fees or any other extra costs.
Alexa: 619,961   Quantcast: 139,819   Google Page Rank: 4

73. Supermarket

Supermarket is curated site. If you are an artist, designer or entrepreneur you should contact them atthisisawesome [at] supermarkethq [dot] com with images, links and information about your products.
Alexa: 73,688   Quantcast: 289,685   Google Page Rank: 5

74. Tias

Tias is marketplace for antiques, collectibles, gifts, art, jewelry and crafts. Their building store system lets you also sell on eBay, yahoo!, Froogle, Excite, Infospace and over 1,800 other locations on the web. They offer two billing plans: month-to-month plan for $39.95 per month and one-year plan for $34.95 per month.
Alexa: 41,616   Quantcast:   3,384   Google Page Rank: 5

75. Trendy Indie

Trendy Indie is new marketplace to buy and sell your handmade creations. There is no set up fees, seller fees or commission fees. You only pay monthly subscription for your shop: $5 for listing 25 items, $10 for listing 100 items or $20 per month for unlimited number of items.
Trendy Indie has special promotional offer for first 1500 sellers: list unlimited products for life for only $9.99 a month (regularly $20). You need PayPal account to pay your monthly subscription.
Alexa: 1,308,991   Quantcast: 306,530   Google Page Rank: 0

76. Trunkt

Trunkt connects artisans with wholesale buyers. Their editors curate all products. You can submit an application for free trial portfolio for 3 products. There is no requirement to upgrade and trial portfolios do not expire as long as they have activity every 6 months.
Members who choose to upgrade to a Premium Portfolio can upload unlimited products and have access to all marketing services. Premium Portfolio costs $10 per month. There are no listing fees and no commissions on your sales. Apply here.
Alexa: 401,699   Quantcast: 261,801   Google Page Rank: 5

77. Twolia

Twolia is new site built to provide creative platform for women from around the world to showcase their talent and expertise, whether that be in music, film, TV, merchandise or crafts. Creating membership account to open store is free. Twolia charges $0.20 listing fee for a four month listing period. This fee includes upload of 3 pictures for each item. And there is 3.5% sales fee on the final sales price of each item (shipping excluded).
Alexa: 85,839   Quantcast: 283,867   Google Page Rank: 3

78. uShops

uShops is online marketplace to buy and sell your stuff. Opening shop and listing an item is free of charge. All listings include up to 4 images. There are no sales fees either. This free mode is for limited time, but uShopswill inform you of the change in usage and features with a 2 week notice sent by email.
Alexa: 941,628   Quantcast: —   Google Page Rank: 3

79. Velvet Garden

Velvet Garden is gothic clothing marketplace. Anyone can sell on Velvet Garden, you just have to email alison [at] velvetgarden [dot] net with a list of items you would like to sell. The posting fee is 10% of the asking price of your item. You can find more information here.
Alexa: 1,693,569   Quantcast: 160,487   Google Page Rank: 4

80. Webstore

Webstore is an online marketplace with no setup or selling fees. Open your own customizable webstore for free and list unlimited number of items. You can set a fixed price or auction to the highest bidder. All transactions on Webstore are handled directly between buyer and seller. As a Webstore seller you may accept most major payment methods from your buyers, such as Money Orders, Checks, Credit Cards, PayPal and Google Checkout.
Alexa: 125,488   Quantcast: 32,808   Google Page Rank: 4

81. Wigix

Wigix is community-driven online marketplace. There are no listing or transaction fees. And there are no final value fees for items below $25. Sellers can open store for free until April 2010. You can find more information on Wigix features here.
Alexa: 12,311   Quantcast: 268,768   Google Page Rank: 4


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For Canadians there is Artistically Connected!

Artistically Connected is an on-line art marketplace for Canadian artists and worldwide buyers. For only $10 a month you can list as much work as you wish.

Artistically Connected specializes in corporate sales with an easy to use site catering to all art buyers.

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