Generate Blogger themes using PSYCHO!

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Psycho is, in fact, an exclusive weblog template designer; because it helps you to

* Create your ever-wished template in less than 10 minutes!
* Walk on the edges of template design without any HTML knowledge!
* Have W3C valid XHTML template: Higher ranking in search engines
and more hits!
* Fix the browser's incompatibility: Nobody will see garbages in your blog!
* Accelerate the loading time and style of your page: Using div tags instead of tables helps your page to load the posts word-by-word, so the visitors won't nap while loading!
* Have CSS-Based template: The page can never be lighter and cleaner than it!
* Always be capable to modify and share your template easily: Save the PsycHodrama!

Also, PsycHo is 

* An Open-Source project: You can read and even modify thousand lines of its javascript codes under terms of GPL.
* Absolutely free of charge: You don't need to pay for anything!
* Based on a single DHTML page: No submission or lag it has!
* Working offline: Just get the page and hang the connection up; it works yet!
* Supporting latest features of providers: Keep your template always updated!
* Using particular help for options: You will never be trapped among choices!

Note: As PsycHo's generated templates have absolutely no warranty and also Aideen is not responsible for them, it's strongly recommended to get a backup of your current template before pasting new code and you won't lose anything! ;-)


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