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Here are some random headlines I caught this week while surfing Internet. I just want to illustrate, once again, the incredible dissonance and chaos shown on the news, and how impossible it is to make sense of it all:
- Thursday I spotted a breaking news headline on CNN about Times Square being evacuated. Not sure what the end result of that was. For all I know, Times Square is gone.
- Elizabeth Somebody from ABC’s The View criticized Erin Andrews for wearing skimpy outfits on Dancing With The Stars. She basically said that her stalker just needed to wait a few months to watch her on TV if he wanted to see her in a state of undress.
Once again, a “Conservative” uses an incredibly obnoxious method for expressing a common sense point — if you dress immodestly, you may attract the wrong element.
Also, Elizabeth Somebody fails to realize that Erin Andrews has taken this incident and tried the make the best of it. After all, she was not on Dancing With The Stars prior to the stalking arrest.
If you want to criticize Dancing With The Stars for exploiting Erin Andrews, I might buy that argument. But Erin Andrews? She’s in show business! What’s she supposed to do? Become a nun? I bet the catholic Elizabeth Somebody would like that.
I support dressing modestly, but show biz is show biz. “It is what it is.”
- the stock market dropped 998 points in one day due to a data entry error on a trade. I heard Jim Cramer while this was happening encouraging people to buy safe stocks — if you had taken his advice, you’d have made $10 a share in those moments.
Cramer later said that the stock market would officially bottom out when a country in Europe either defaults or renounces the Euro for their own currency. Once the default occurs, the sell-off will happen and the stock market will reset.
Looks like, in this game of Financial Collapse Hot Potato, Europe is stuck with the crisis ball with nobody to toss it to.


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