7 Essential features of an id card software

What the ID card printers can do depends not only on the hardware itself but most especially on the id card software that runs them. The reason is, the software is the nerve center of the printer from where all commands emanate. Therefore, to be able to perform optimally, you should look for the following essential features:

1. It must be compatible with the printer While this is obvious, it is often that something so basic is overlooked. The vendor will recomend the appropriate printer.

However, it may happen that in your desire to cut on cost you are tempted to buy one which your vendor does not recommend, but which you may want to buy because its performance or if the software is compatible with your printer.

2. It must do the specific task you need. If your printing need is simple because your ID card design and features are simple, you only need the basic software that has the module to perform those simple tasks. However, if it is sophisticated printing you are after then the software you need is with the Fargo module.

3. Upgradeable. There will be a time when you have to expand or add feature, for this reason always get something upgradeable. In this regard, there is no need to buy a new printer or software but just the software module that has the feature that will enable the printer to perform the new function that you need. This will mean much lower cost for you.

4. Adapted to the size and structure, both organizational and location. Match the software to your rganizations size and needs. Ones that serve large organization will be an overkill for a small one. Your card software must be suited to your companys size and structure.

5. Database connectivity. It must be able to connect live to file based data sources as well as ODBC and OLE compliant databases.

6. Ethernet connectivity.

7. Can be integrated with external devices. It must seamlessly integrate with external devices like scanners, digital cameras in the photo id system and signature pads.


You ust be able to perform the specific function you nee on yout Fargo printer, for instance. Only the software you choose will be able to fully do that. So be very clear what you need to do then find the software that can do exactly that. Forget the bells and whistles.

Your vendor will be able to point you in the right direction.

When you pair your Fargo Printer with the proper id card software you are assured of a a robust access denial entry system.


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