Advantages And Problems

Bluetooth has a great deal to provide using an increasingly difficult marketplace place. Bluetooth assists to bring using it the promise of freedom from the cables and simplicity in networking that has yet to be matched by LAN (Local Region Network).

Within the crucial marketplace, of wireless and handheld gadgets, the closest competitor to Bluetooth is infrared. Infrared holds many crucial features, though the line of sight it gives does not go via walls or via obstacles like that of the
Bluetooth technologies.

Unlike infrared, Bluetooth is not a line of sight and it gives ranges of up to 100 meters. Bluetooth is furthermore lower energy and lower processing using an overhead protocol. What this implies, is that it is perfect for integration into small battery powered gadgets. To set it brief, the applications using Bluetooth are virtually endless.


Bluetooth has various positive features and 1 would be very hard pressed to locate downsides when given the current competition. The only actual downsides are the data rate and protection. Infrared can have data rates of up to 4 MBps, which gives extremely quickly rates for data transfer, though Bluetooth only presents 1 MBps.

For this extremely purpose, infrared has yet to be dispensed using entirely and is regarded as by many to be the complimentary technology to that of Bluetooth. Infrared has inherent protection due to its line of sight.

The higher vary and radio frequency (RF) of Bluetooth generate it a lot more open to interception and
attack. For this purpose, protection is really a extremely key
element to the Bluetooth specification.

While you will find extremely few weaknesses, Bluetooth nevertheless remains the most effective for brief vary wireless technology. Those that have tried it appreciate it, and they recognize for a fact that Bluetooth will likely be close to for years to appear.

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