The Agony Of Buying Christmas Presents

Christmas is great and all, but buying gifts isn't in my natural purview. No I'm not a reincarnation of Ebenezer Scrooge or Scrooge McDuck. One, they're fictional characters and two I'm not mean. I'm just absolutely rubbish at buying gifts. Each year I wrack my brain thinking of the perfect gift for each of my family and friends (yes they're still my friends despite years of disastrous gifts, there nice people). But it always seems to end in the most awkward situation you could possibly imagine. Let's face it; there are enough uncomfortable moments during Christmas to last the whole year: Nana O'Dowd breaking wind during festive dinner;Uncle Winston getting too drunk and falling into the Christmas tree; the recipients of my gifts pullin the most awkward smile as they cover up their sheer disappointment.

So here's this year's plan, I'm going for the conventional approach; the everyone's getting a practical gift approach. I'm thinking small domestic appliances: coffee makers , hair dryers and even sandwich toaster for that special someone. I've had a realisation, out goes the approach of trying to think outside the box in an attempt to by that unique gift, in comes straightforward 'if you need it I'll buy it' approach. It not be very 'Christmassy' of me, but neithers hearing your family bicker over the last turkey drumstick or an inquest into who took my Dad's Wispa from his selection box.

So I've heard that Health Grills are quite popular at the moment. But knowing my luck it will probably back fire on me. I'll give it to my fat aunt and she'll give me the silent treatment for the whole of the holidays.


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