Apple iPad Insurance Policy Considerations

The Apple iPad, a revolutionary and ground-breaking tablet PC was launched in early 2010 to critical acclaim. The 9.5 x 7.5 unit contains a 1 GHz Apple A4 processor and is capable of processing a number of intensive tasks. The iPad is often considered to be the big brother of the iPhone and contains a liquid crystal display built with scratch-resistant glass. Whilst impressive, the iPad is not indestructible and repairs can be expensive. For this reason, we've put together some comprehensive information on different iPad insurance plans available to consumers and business customers around the world.

If you prefer to insure your iPad with Apple, the manufacturer, you can opt for the Apple Care Protection Plan. This will set you back a cool £85, working out at £7 per month over the course of a year. In addition, the Apple Care Protection Plan is really only an extended warranty it doubles it from one year to two and extends your complimentary technical support from 90 days to two years. It's worth bearing in mind, however, that as Apple manufacture the iPad it's quite likely that they'll be able to fix issues more effectively than a third party.

Apple are notorious for being slow at repairing faulty items and for often refusing to admit faults exist in the first place. If this concerns you, you may wish to go to a third party provider for your iPad insurance. Most providers charge less than £5 per month and you're covered for any accidental theft, loss or damage under a number of eventualities. Don't be tempted to simply put it on your home contents insurance as you may not have repairs covered by an iPad specialist in the event that something should happen.

In the event that your iPad gets damaged or broken, you should always ensure that it's in the hands of the experts. Whilst many insurance companies will offer to insure your iPad or cover it under your home contents insurance, they will either not be able to effectively arrange for repairs or replacements or will even send it to the same repairs company as the specialist iPad insurer. If you've spent a few hundred pounds on the iPad already, why compromise?

Although Apple may know their products best, their reliability and the prohibitive cost of their insurance package lets them down somewhat. Whilst your current high street insurer may be an attractive proposition due to price and decreased hassle, they are not technology experts. Insuring your iPad through a specialist broker gives you the best of both worlds increased knowledge and decreased hassle at an affordable price.

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