Can You Identify That Your Watch Is Real

There is a big market in the world today for timepieces that look like they are expensive but are just copies of the real ones. As scary as it is, there are hundreds of thousands of counterfeit Rolex watches or Cartier Ballon Bleu watches that are exchanging hands from suppliers to customers and what makes it difficult is that some of the fake watches appear to be an exact model of the real deal from the exterior of the watch.

There are plenty of timepieces that are similar to the real ones but are know to be a cheap knockoff of the original. Unfortunately, there are lots of watches that try to make you think you are buying an expensive watch instead of a fake one. The suppliers make the watch look identical from the exterior by including details such as the manufacturer's logo, the serial number, and the exact design. What is a person to do to avoid being lured in by one of these duplicates that are being sold as the real deal?

A person can look for a couple of clues when trying not to get cheated. The first thing is to know the price of the watch from various retailers. Many times a counterfeit watch will sell for around $200 to $250. You should know that no real luxury watch will sell new for under $250. A person could turn to the world wide web and find an online merchant who will sell watches at a discount but when the watches are at fifty percent of their true value, be aware. While it might be nice to get a deal, if the deal is too good, it should set some alarms off in your head.

Be aware of what time of the year it is when you are thinking about buying an expensive timepiece. There are no new luxury watches that will sell during clearances or fire sales. Some retail stores may attempt to sell counterfeit watches during these times with the hope that customers will buy thinking it is because of the sale. What might seem like a steal for you at the time is actually a steal for the seller.

A person can go online and check out Cartier Ballon Bleu review to learn what is expected of certain watches and also find out what to look out for in a counterfeit watch, and the best way to avoid getting ripped off is to do your homework and to be a smart shopper rather than an impulsive one.

To spot a fake timepiece, the buyer must look at things that are not as easy for someone to replicate. The real and fake watches are made to look exactly the same. However, many will confuse minor features such as placing the logos on poorly or marking an incorrect serial number. Other features that may be incorrect include the supplier placing hands on your watch that are actually from a different model of the manufacturer as it is the minor features that stand out the most from a real watch and if a person is looking for a true expensive ladies watches they need to be aware of these subtle differences to ensure they are getting what they paid for.

There are al lot of fake timepieces for sale in the world today and the numbers are staggering. A lot of people have no idea that the watch they are buying might be fake. In order to make sure that you do not fall victim to one of these counterfeit watches, you should take your time and look carefully at what you are considering purchasing. As long as they can make a buck off of it , they will try to sell it. In the end the best way for a person to make sure that someone is not cheating them is to be as knowledgeable as they can. If that is done you will be able to invest in a watch and know it is real.


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