A Comprehensive Look At The Panasonic DMC ZS7


First impression comes from this camera's look. This is a beautiful eye-catching camera; the all metal color finish is awesome, compact size but sturdy solid body but does not feel heavy.The camera looks and feels great.

This DMC ZS7 has an amazing speed performance. The start time is a little over a second and with an almost zero shutter lag. With the new "Hyper Speed" auto focus, which takes about 0.35-0.4 secs, you can capture photo of each and every single moment pass you by.

The central part of any camera is the lens. Panasonic uses Leica DC Vario-Elmar lenses in Lumix DMC ZS7. Amongst professional photographers Leica has a reputation for quality akin to Rolls Royce. It is amazing to see how the large 12x zoom fit into a compact tiny body. With shooting capabiltiy of 25mm up to 300mm, it is very comfortable for indoors shooting or even telephoto. Plus a fast and precise auto focus (though it might be a little slow in low-light), and quality optical image stabilization in conjunction with the digital one which allows you to take crisp pictures in the whole zoom area.

The leader in the industry Panasonic's Intelligent Auto mode is getting enhanced in Lumix DMC ZS7. In fact, it's quite a lot of complex algorithms that can take pictures very nice with minimal effort. Some of the intelligent functions are "Intelligent Scene Selector", "Intelligent ISO", "Intelligent Exposure" and "Face Detection".

Other new advanced function added is "Intelligent Resolution". A very useful function that you would definitely love. Essentially, it mixes an advanced noise reduction with a new image enrichment algorithm. It automatically detects three types of image regions: outlines, detailed textures, and smooth gradation panes and optimize treatment for each of them separately. Consequently, the picture looks sharper and cleaner between the edges.

The ZS7 also adds a built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) unit into the camera, the location data and time are automatically updated. Great for travel recordings.The GPS is nice to have but be informed that this function shorten battery life even if you have turned off the camera. The good news is that you disabled it when not needed.

And a dedicated movie button allows starting video recording at any time without any preparation. In this Lumix DMC ZS7, Panasonic applied their new "Intelligent Resolution" feature to video recording as well and the result is just gorgeous!

Lumix DMC ZS7 camera has the best combination of lens, sensor and built-in image processing software making it a very suitable device for taking nice still pictures and advanced video recording. The bottom line is that DMC ZS7 is truly an incredible piece of engineering. This is a Sleek, Stylish and Powerful Camera that is definitely to Satisfy.


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