Digital Camera Images Winter season Lighting effects Tips

Some love the cold weather and snow that the winter season brings and some just bundle up and hope it will get over soon. No matter which type of person you may be you have to admit how the morning sunlight glistening of the layer of new fallen snow is probably the most beautiful picture that can be captured.

As a digital camera enthusiast I have found that by making a few adjustments you too can capture winter scenery and show off its pageantry.

Just as you would bundle up before you venture into the cold so must your digital camera.

The batteries should be kept in a warm place prior to use and it would be wise to bring some additional batteries with you just in case. The cold temperature tends to drain power from batteries.

So how do you adjust for all that white?

With technological advances and the automatic features on your camera the white will be so bright it can throw off the white balance which will cause your photo to be too dark or the snow to have a bluish tone. Some newer digital cameras have a built in 'snow' mode. The Nikon Digital Camera D5000 is an example of one of these great cameras. If you do not have this pleasure you will need to adjust manually so that your white snow appears white.

All images have a more professional result if the photographer captures the correct lighting. Winter images are no exception. That being said, winter offers some fabulous light, especially in the morning and late afternoon. The lighting can be tricky though as natural sunlight which attributes to the winter beauty will reflect off the snow and ice actually adding additional light to your frame. This leads to less detail, contrast, and bleak coloring.

One answer to this problem is to turn on the flash. It might appear odd that to help along with too much light you would include light but the flash light really amounts the actual highlighting light filling in any dark spots so your picture may come out more carefully to what you are visioning.

While winter and the snow fall covers some scenery this sparse landscape actually makes great visual subjects. That old country barn that captured great country autumn atmosphere depicts an even greater majesty with a sparkling white winter blanket layered on its roof. The snow provides great contrasting shapes and colors. Any vibrant color makes for beautiful images upon the wintry backdrop.

Are you the type of digital camera photographer that loves action? Well, winter has plenty of action to offer you. Some great action shots could be skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. Make it a double great shot by adding a friend or family member.

Remember Action Mode for all your action shots. It lets you virtually freeze the action so you can capture the moment. Another option would be to use the video feature on your digital camera. The video still feature will allow you to sort through the video frames to find that perfect moment.

Still not keen on the white fluffy stuff? Well as a digital camera photographer winter can be a fun season. Look for those great sunny days and for image opportunities that you may not have thought of before.

Just as an indoor photographer sets up their shot with backdrops and props so too can the outdoor photographer.

How about including family fun time making snowmen or snow sculptures? Image opportunities can occur both during construction and after the decorating is finished.

Do you love nature? How about bird-watching? Some colorful birds make great focal points to show off that snowy backdrop, it also provides character in the picture by providing depth.

Just as spring flowers provide wonderful close-ups so too do snow covered pinecones, pine tree, or a beautiful red cardinal perched in the yard. Just remember to capture winter's beautiful textures, layers, and contrasting colors.

Having fun with your great digital camera can lighten even the worst winter blues.

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