Garmin Nuvi 285WT Review - A Must Read Before You Buy

Garmin Nuvi 285W

The casing for the Nuvi 285WT is modern shiny black plastic. The casing appears very well-built - appear to be product of quality plastic. It arrives with the power adapter for the car, and a USB cable to hook up to your computer. The gadget is very user friendly, quick and simple to set up and get going. The icons on the screen are easy and intuitive. You can begin using it with out yet understanding the directions.

The display is extremely legible both in bright daylight and at night. In fact, perhaps you'd have turn the brightness down to the minimum because it could possibly be a bit too vivid at evening for some people. With the fantastic screen resolution. it's just a pleasure to use. Great audio also, straightforward to listen to and understand directions. Voice speaks street names clearly, volume is just right.

It connects with satellite reception very fast, it is reliable. This is VERY noticeable and very welcome. As quickly as the unit is switched on, it immediately locked onto the satellites. The Garmin Nuvi 285 persistently locks onto satellites in the house, even with all of the blinds drawn. Clearly there isn't any "line-of-sight" here so this performance improvement is quite wonderful and is far better.

The subsequent enhancement is the digital keyboard. You have your choice of a QWERTY keyboard or the one ABCDE featured on the older Garmins. The QWERTY is a great enhancement. It also features numbers in addition to letters thereby making it pointless to go to a different screen to key in numbers. In addition, to get to the symbols, you need only go to one other screen (versus two on the 250W); that is indicated on the bottom of the Garmin's keyboard display. It is a main and welcome improvement and makes typing in addresses, etc., much more handy.

Totally excellent product. For individuals who travels often, it is strongly recommended to buy a GPS and particularly this one. The Garmin Nuvi 285 is a winner. In conclusion, the Garmin 285 is a bargain and functions extraordinarily well. You could be very happy with its performance.


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