Getting More From Your Mobile Phone Battery

There are many people who would love to know how they can extend the life of their mobile phone battery because they are sick of it running out before they can get home to charge it again. Although battery technology has improved over the years, so too has the amount we expect from our phones. One of the reasons a lot of us have problems keeping our mobile phones charged is that we are using them for a lot more than phone calls; we are treating them like compete entertainment devices. If you want to ensure that you get more from your mobile phone battery, then the following tips will help.

- You can adjust the backlight to try and ensure that it uses less power. You can also reduce your brightness level and this will also save on battery power.

- If you want to save the battery then try not to spend too much time surfing the web and playing games on your phone. Your battery really can get drained from these things. Try to save your game playing for times when you have a charger near to hand.

- The vibrate function on your phone will also drain your battery so turn it off because you really don't need it.

- A good way to save the power on your battery is to make sure that if you are not using any applications on your phone that you switch them off.

- Try not to let your battery run out completely as this is said to really shorten the lifespan of your battery and will mean that you need to charge it more often.

- You might want to consider purchasing an external battery so that you will be able to use your phone for longer. This will allow you to enjoy everything your phone has to offer such as games without draining the power on your battery.

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