How Would You Find Out Which GPS Accessories Are The Best Ones?

In the earlier days of GPS, they were generally viewed as for those with a bit more money than most. And you know what the scene is like now; even kids have GPS'. The proliferation of the GPS has spawned whole new industries related to accessories, and there are plenty of them for you to consider. Of course, not all accessories are created equal with some better made while some are prettier than others. We decided to take a look at some of the highest rated GPS accessories and see what people had to say about them. Want to know? Then turn the page and read on...

You can find out all about the Garmin Portable Friction Mount which is a popular extra people buy through This is a mount for your GPS that, instead of using suction cups uses friction to stay in place. One reason this is popular is because it works very well with dashboards with unusual characteristics such as a high degree of angle or rougher than normal texture. The driver, or passenger, can read the unit display in odd lighting conditions because the unit can be adjusted. This mount seems to be custom made for the Prius, and those owners like the Garmin Friction Mount a lot. You will want to put on some polarized clip on sunglasses and concentrate this theory. One accessory item that is almost mandatory for GPS systems/units is the adaptor. And this is one of those "areas" of extras where you will come across everyone and their brother selling them. It's very common to get a free adaptor when you buy a GPS unit. Some people like to charge things in their homes, and that is why a GPS adaptor for home/indoor use can be a good idea. If you travel internationally, you should also get an international adaptor so that you can keep your GPS system charged while you travel.

In the carry case department, there's the Garmin 010-10231-01 Carrying Case (Deluxe) which can be easily seen at Newegg's website. The case actually resembles a small duffle bag in design. The price of it shouldn't bust anybody's budget at slightly under $30 at the Newegg website.

The bag is big enough for the GPS system, power cords and mounting devices (portable or otherwise). It's a stylish way of keeping it all in one place. No worries about centralized storage ability when you're on the long and winding road to where ever.

Hardly anyone buys "just" a GPS system or portable unit. It can be a necessity to acquire some certain accessories, too. Now, the use of GPS units has expanded beyond the vehicle. There are millions of GPS users who walk for fitness and ride a bike. Also, those who like to work-out in whatever fashion use them. You can easily figure out the differences among various accessory manufacturers. We hope to have shed some light on this subject, and that you are in a better position to make the best choice for you.


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