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The recently released Blackberry Torch fuels desire and set hearts ablaze. The ergonomics of the phone are sufficient to stir the hearts of professionals and executives. You'll feel this silent appeal that induces a temptation for a closer look.

The Blackberry Torch, albeit less rigid in composition, carries the signature business style that is consistent in majority of Blackberry cell phones. The familiar black colored Torch caters to the likes of businessmen and professionals, while the provocative editions of white and dark orange work its magic for the younger market. The dimensions of the Torch are similar to that of the B9700 and the only difference is a thickness of 0.1 inch. Taking the slide out keyboard into consideration, it is an astonishing feat.

The Blackberry Torch features a full-sized 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors. Although the resolution of 360 x 480 pixels is not as appealing as the other high-end smartphones, it works fine with the mainstream users who are non-movie fanatics. To be fair, the full-sized touchscreen and physical keyboard combination carries a huge advantage over majority of Blackberry smartphones. The full screen web browsing experience and "Pinch and zoom" capability will drive most Blackberry fans crazy.

In the eyes of the Blackberry Torch, one plus one gives you three. RIM has retained the greatest properties of their Blackberry smartphones while introducing a new key advantage. The retained properties include the reputable Blackberry QWERTY physical keyboard and the optical trackpad. The keyboard performs up to largely foreseen high standards, hence effectively reducing the hassle required to send emails and modify office documents. Give the display a light push and the physical keyboard snaps right into place.

Since its release on the markets, much has been said about the Blackberry Torch's multimedia capability. The Torch has a 5 megapixel camera along with 11 camera modes for image capturing. Video recording, LED flash and autofocus are some of the other features. Should you wish to enjoy music on your Torch, the strong battery life caters for up to 30 hours (5hr 40min talktime). It was pretty disappointing for the Blackberry Bold 9700 fans as the smartphone came with only 256MB of internal memory. This time around, Blackberry makes a huge increase on the internal memory for multimedia storage. With the Torch, you'll get 4GB of internal memory that can be further expanded with microSD cards (32GB).

Although the qualities of the new Torch sends Blackberry fans screaming for joy, RIM is definitely unsatisfied. Why else would they introduce the Blackberry 6 OS to the smartphone? The new OS6 features comprehensive changes that will place immense pressure on Blackberry's competitors. Some of the changes come from feedback that "the Blackberry doesn't render websites accurately" and "the menus look outdated". As a result, there is new web browser that features tabbed browsing and an intuitive graphical menu that comes along with modern icons. There is also a social feed application that constantly displays new tweets and Facebook status updates in a timeline.

The Blackberry version 6 OS wouldn't be complete without the ingenious universal search function. Simply by keying in your keywords, your Blackberry Torch will be able to search and bring your required app, email, file or message to you. Just imagine the amount of time you can save!

It is needless to mention how much difference the Blackberry 6 OS has made to the Torch. Although critics might comment that the Torch is still not a mean multimedia machine, it is by far the best Blackberry business phone with extended multimedia capabilities. What do you think?

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