Mobile Phones - Staying Safe When Using Them

A lot of us never think about safety when using our mobile phones but believe it or not they can cause us to come to harm. When it comes to using your mobile phone, the following tips will ensure that you stay safe.

- It is really important that you never use your mobile phone while driving. Studies have shown that this can affect your driving more than being drunk behind the wheel. If you need to talk on the phone make sure you use a hands free set.

- If you are walking around at night make sure that you don't use your mobile phone while walking down deserted streets. It is very easy for an attacker to sneak up on you while you are on the phone. You should also avoid using your mobile phone while taking money from an ATM machine for the same reasons.

- Don't walk around using the mobile phone. This means that you won't be focusing on what you are doing and could easily end up walking in front of a car.

- There are a number of people who think that mobile phones are not good for your health. At the moment it is a good idea to take a bit of care when using your phone until there is some evidence to either support or discount this idea. Like most things the mobile phone is probably safe in moderation.

- Don't use mobile phones in hospitals where they have cardiology equipment. The phone's signal can interfere with this kind of equipment.

- If you are responsible for operating any heavy machinery then you should never ever use a mobile phone while doing so. Even if there is no law that forbids you from doing this it is still dangerous because your attention will be distracted.

So when it comes to using your mobile the above are just a few of the ways that you can stay safe. You will find that mobile are safe to use in general as long as common sense prevails.

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