Mobile Phones - Will We Still Be Using Them In A Decade

The popularity of the mobile phone is not something that many people would have put a bet on back in the early eighties. If you told someone back then that there would be a time when everyone would carry around one of these phones, they would not have believed you. But today most people do indeed have their own mobile phone and picturing a world with no mobiles at all is something that most young people cannot do. Even if you visit the poorest and most remote parts of the world you are still likely to see people with mobile phones. And what is most amazing is that this rise from no mobiles to everyone having them has happened in a little over two decades. It is interesting to speculate about the future. Technology is moving so fast; will we still be using mobile phones in another decade.

Every time a new device is introduced onto the market there seem to be significant changes to what we are used to. A mobile phone is no longer a device to just make and take calls and texts; these days, mobile phones are like mini entertainment centers. These days there seems to be no end to the things we can do with our mobile phones; it is possible to write assignments for work, send emails, play games, listen to music, watch movies, surf the web or get onto social media sites and update profiles. It will probably happen soon that they will no longer be called mobile phones because they really can do so much more. The advances over the last decade have been so great that one has to wonder what the next ten years will bring.

It is exciting when you think about the possibilities. I confidently predict that the words 'mobile phone' will sound completely out-of-date by 2020 - we will look upon it as we now look upon a Walkman. We may even see mobile technology becoming more like jewellery by the year 2020. The way things will advance and improve is hard to predict but we all know one thing - these changes will almost certainly take place.

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