Modu - Our Worlds Lightest And Tiniest Cellular Phone

The self titled modular cellular phone in the company Modu is set to create some really serious splashes in the cell cellphone business. This gadget it touted to be the worlds first modular cell cellphone that might be simply customized to match the customers particular wants. All you should do is both pop your Modu right into a modu jacket or pair it having a modu mate, and you have acquired your self a entire new gadget. If they hype across the notion wasn't enough, just this week the Guinness E-book of World Records confirmed that the Modu is in reality the worlds lightest and littlest cell cellphone to this point.

So at it's core, you're basically stuck with all the most fundamental cellular cellphone you have ever observed. But attach a modu mate, and you have acquired a entire various gadget. Some of your modu mates that have been confirmed up to now consist of MP4 players, electronic photograph frames, cameras, and DECT mobile phones. The possibilities are basically limitless and it doesn't appear like Modu is looking to close the door on any new partnerships that could lead to future modu mates.

And if fashion is extra of the issue, organizations like Universal Music Group are lining up to layout modu jackets, which transform your core Modu cellphone right into a variety of various seems to be and feels. Wherever standard cellphone covers and plates had their limitations, the simplicity and layout of your Modu is making it effortless for each modu jacket to offer the appearance that it's truly a totally unique and various cellphone.

But the difficulty lies inside its core layout. The Modu may well be the worlds littlest and lightest cell cellphone, but with out something on it, you'd most likely have passed by it if the creepy mall kiosk guys the place giving it away for totally free. Also, the modular notion is excellent and all, but when the costs aren't nice and reduced the entire gross sales framework of your cellphone is not exactly going to hold its own. All of your modu mates that have been confirmed up to now the place pretty much taken care of by mobile phones such as the a single my dad nonetheless makes use of.

But what's that you simply say? My cellphone can't be turned right into a electronic image frame? It's called setting your cellphone to not shut the display away from and leaving your pictures on slideshow! In addition to that device, the remainder appear reasonably neat so I'll lay away from of them, and I do have to confess, the modu jacket layout is truly actually cool, but this may well end up being a gimmick that just doesn't make sense once you could buy any of your HTC or Nokia Smartphones and have a small gadget that does everything the Modu does and then some.

Modu is starting their planet conquest campaign in Europe first, but it's anticipated to create its way more than on the states in the direction of the end of this yr or early next yr. Anticipate a assessment of your gadget if I can handle to get my fingers on a single.

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