Obtaining Neon Illumination Ballasts

fluorescent light ballast replacement

When someone walks into a room and flips the switch, they expect the lights to come on. When it stays dark they automatically assume there is something wrong with the light bulb. When changing the fluorescent bulb does not help, it is most likely the ballast. The ballast limits the amount of current flowing to the light so that it works properly. With fluorescent ballasts, there are basically 3 types. They are not interchangeable, so getting the right model is important. Some come with built-in leads, while others do not. This is also something of note to determine before attempting to find a replacement.

Finding the right fluorescent ballast can be achieved quicker on the web as compared to making use of additional sites because pictures usually are readily available for the customer to compare. Also, typing in the part number makes it easier to find the right one. This is usually found on the flat side of the piece itself.

Straight ones are long and thin and attach to the fixture. The light bulbs plug in to them usually from one end to the other. These are the most common types of ballasts. They are very popular for businesses and offices. The long, thin fluorescent light bulbs stretch from one end of the fixture to the other. There are most commonly 2 or 4 bulbs in each set with a translucent covering over the lighting to mute the brightness of the bulbs. When 1 burns out, the others continue to illuminate, although the overall effect is darker. Sometimes dark tubes will re-light with a twist of the wrist, but more likely, when they go dark it is either a burned out bulb or the ballast.

Round fluorescent ballasts are less common than straight ones. They are most frequently found in contemporary lighting fixtures. They are more frequently seen in homes than in the past and are more efficient at illuminating an area than the long, straight variety because the lighting is more concentrated.

Compact ballasts are used with compact fluorescent lighting (CFL), which are also known as energy saving lights. These ballasts come in different shapes and are made by many different manufacturers. They are used for black lights, colored light bulbs and standard compact fluorescent light bulbs. They will tend to be deemed much more environmentally friendly compared to additional models since they reduce how much energy accustomed to light up an area as well as final ten to twenty times longer compared to regular incandescent lights.


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