The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

The Sony Xperia X8 is one of the hottest new phones from Sony-Ericsson, and is packed with all of the features that make the phone one of the best in its class. Its a phone that is comfortable in size, has a beautiful high resolution screen, and all the processing power necessary to effectively run the Android OS. Combined with WiFi, 3G internet capability, and Bluetooth, its also perfect for all your wireless needs.

One of the brightest features of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is the 3, 16 million color touchscreen with HVGA resolution. With this screen, your phone will display pictures as well as streaming video in bright, clear, colors. Whether youre showing off photos or watching streaming videos on Youtube, you will see video as was intended to be displayed. And with its scratch-resistant screen, you wont have to worry about damaging the phone when youre banging it against your keys or change in your pocket.

The phone also has a 600 MHz processor and 128 MB of internal RAM, providing the perfect amount of processing power to run the Android OS and all the applications that come with it. And if thats not enough, it also comes with 2 GB of storage in the form of a MicroSD card. So whatever youre downloading, or whatever youre filming, theres plenty of room on the Sony Xperia X8. And if youre not happy with the amount of storage, you can always upgrade the MicroSD card to one with more gigs of storage.

The video capture capability and camera is also more than adequate. The Xperia X8 comes with a 3 megapixel camera, which is more than adequate for day-to-day photos. And the camera comes with added benefits of geotagging, and VGA capture at more than thirty frames per second. This means that you can upload video or pictures to your social networking site, showing where you are, and you can also capture full-speed video with no frame lag.

With respect to its wireless connectivity the Xperia X8 is definitely a winner. 802.11 b/g connectivity comes standard, as does Bluetooth 2.1. With these capabilities you can, among other things, tether wireless devices to your phone and access 3G service. And if in the area of a WiFi network, you can log on with your phone and use the internet on that network. Bluetooth connectivity means that your headset, headphones, or other wireless device will work seamlessly. So if you have a host of wireless devices you plan to connect to your Xperia X8, you wont be left in the dark.

In the end the Xperia X8 is an extremely functional unit that brings together all of the capabilities weve come to expect in a modern Android phone. Even though its not the fastest gadget on the market, it runs well enough for Android and can handle most any obstacles thrown its way. The HSDPA 3G internet means that youll have broadband speed internet access wherever you go, and you can keep plugged in to all your web or app-based internet sites. Its bright HVGA display will never leave you in the dark, and with all the storage you need on MicroSD, youll never run out of space.


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