Staying in Touch at a Fraction of the Cost

With the dawn of VOIP technologies and high speed internet connectivity, there is no need to incur long distance charges or be burdened by roaming fees. Staying in touch with loved ones is now cheaper than ever. Hosted communications companies allow you to get a local or toll-free number outside of traditional phone companies at a fraction of the cost. Here are some unique ways people are staying in touch with loved ones using these services:

Sunnie has a daughter that started college away from home this Fall semester. The first few months of phone bills proved to be quite a burden on top of rent, tuition, books, etc. They discussed writing emails, using Skype, talking less, but nothing would help ease the hurt of missing your daughter like being able to pick up the phone at will and hear her voice. Then Sunnie learned about hosted communications services that would allow her to purchase a local number in her daughter's college town. She could then have the calls forwarded directly to her home or cell phone so that when her daughter calls there would be no long distance charges.

Chris immigrated to the US from Panama to provide a better life for his family. The international phone bills were really adding up as he struggled to keep in contact with family back home. He worked crazy, long hours trying to make ends meet. He desperately wanted to be able to communicate more frequently with them without being tied to the computer. He quickly realized through their interactions on Skype that it would allow you to dial toll-free numbers without charge. With the help of a phone number provider, Chris was able to purchase a toll-free number and have it forwarded directly to his cell phone. For a small monthly hosting fee, this allowed his family to reach him whenever without any charge to them.

Sam has a brother in jail. His brother relies on Sam to stay in touch with the family. The collect call fees for his brother to call from jail are outrageous. Now, Sam has purchased a local phone number for where the jail is located. His brother can dial this number and Sam can chose to have it forwarded anywhere, his home, cell, mother's, etc. This one number provides Sam's brother a way to communicate with the whole family for the cost of a value meal a month!

The internet has enabled information sharing around the world. We can now expand that sharing to voice communications as well through VOIP technologies. This now offers us more efficient ways to communicate without all the additional cost and fees.


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