Top Gadgets this Christmas

Gadgets were once the preserve of tech geeks, the type to sit in their rooms tinkering with computer parts until the early part of the morning. Here in 2010 we face a totally different technology landscape however and gadgets transcend boundaries of age, race and gender. It is a safe bet that everyone you know now owns a mobile phone, you could even add iPods to this statement, my gran certainly enjoys listening to her 30's hits on her pink nano when on holiday! Unfortunately this means that those people obsessed by gadgets are coming close to out numbering those who aren't! For every person who 'doesn't get' computers or techy gadgets there will be two more that very much do.

This mass uptake of gadgets is thanks in some part to Apple who helped make the MP3 player sexier with each subsequent release of their now iconic iPod. This Chirtsmas consumers will no doubt be salivating over the new iPod Nano announced at the apple conference, the miniscule square design encapsulates a touch-screen and a number of new features unique to the Nano. This is certainly to be top of 2010 Christmas gift ideas lists along with other new apple products launched such as the updated Apple TV hardware.

Aside from the might Apple, the other major player in the tech sphere, Microsoft are playing a big hand this Christmas with their new Kincet add on for the Xbox 360. This always games to be played with motion control much like the Ninendo Wii, but sans controller, it only uses bodily movements! Kinect takes on the Wii and indicates Microsofts desire to conquer the casual and family gaming sectors of the market. This all arrives along with the raft of new computer games meaning cheap personalised gifts are very much out the window this year!


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