What Is The Main Difference Between The Iphone And The Blackberry?

Because the iPhone has become such a hugely popular choice over the last few years, many people are wondering if the end of the road is nigh for the new blackberry pearl. After all, there are just so many great applications available on the iPhone. The reality is though that there are still many differences between the two devices and good reasons why you might still want to purchase a Blackberry.

- The Blackberry e-mail service is second to none. It displays incoming messages instantly and there is no need to go searching to see if you have any mail. This is probably the one thing that the Blackberry really does better than the iPhone.

- Most Blackberry's use the QWERTY keyboard like a real keyboard. As long as you get used to the size of the keys on your Blackberry, typing with this will become just as simple as it is on your computer.

- When it comes to the battery life of the two devices, a Blackberry battery will last much longer. This is such an advantage because a lot of people use this device for business purposes if the battery runs out you could be in big trouble.

- The camera on a Blackberry device is usually of much better standard than what you would find on an iPhone. In fact it is often possible to take really professional looking photos with this device.

- You may just prefer the aesthetic appearance of the Blackberry but at the end of the day this is more to do with personal tastes. The fact that there are a quite a few different designs available for the Blackberry is a great thing about it.

- The Blackberry has been specifically designed for business people and this makes it more suited for this purpose than any other device.

And while no one can doubt how impressive the iPhone is, the Blackberry is equally as impressive.


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