Why Would you Be Interested in The new iPod Nano?

New gadgets are released all the time, the majority of them are completely pointless for the purposes of everyday life, despite they they can be commercially successful and fasionable. Some gadgets have absolutely no relevance to our everyday lives but will still buy them simply for the cool factor. The ultimate gadget of the moment is perhaps Apple's iPhone, this is common knowledge but a more interesting trend is the amount of gadgets it has spawned itself. There are many companies out there simply making gadgets just for the iPhone, in fact there are successful small businesses out who just make cases for this iconic piece of tech.

The iPhone has a multitude of add on gadgets which include solar powered chargers, stands speaker systems, projectors straps car chargers, portable chargers amongst many other peripheral goods available to enhance the iPhone experience and make great gifts for him or gifts for her. Many will see these as superfluous and unnecessary while others will lust after them, saving for weeks until they can afford them. The new iPod Nano provides a particularly discussion piece because, as we all know iPods are getting smaller and smaller, but this is the first to be a comparable size to a wrist watch.

So what? You question, well this means your iPod can be carried around all day hassle free and is very accessible. Not so revolutionary you might think, but for those who have long dreamed about being James Bond, with a watch that does everything from emitting sleeping gas to remotely controling a car with missile launchers!. The Nano can be worn on a wrist strap and looks just like a normal watch, but one crucial difference, it is infinitely more functional, also being a music and video player. Will this be the end for the traditional watch? They certainly make great birthday presents.


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