Why you Should Avoid Cheap Batteries

Batteries are probably something you take for granted, they all look the same so they all must be the same, right? Wrong. Although the performance of batteries is quite difficult to gauge, there are huge differences between different brands. You might think that established brands like Duracell and Energizer with their expensive TV adverts and flashy packaging are all style and no substance, at least you might assume they are no more or less powerful or durable than cheap brands.

I found this out to my peril last week when trying to find a sneaky bargain on a multipack of batteries for my new camera and a few other flashy gadgets I had recently purchased. The camera was a gift from my partner, found on the gifts for him section of a technology website, located right next to the gifts for her page. I was beyond excited about driving off the South Downs and getting some great picturesque images with my brand new Nikon machine equipped with a set of incredibly low priced batteries I picked up from the pound shop.

Envisage how angry I was then when I realised that despite by best efforts, the camera would just not turn on. I did everything I could think of, bar CPR, to try and shake it to life. Defeated and downtrodden, I returned home dejected. The following day I went straight to the electronics retailer where I purchased the camera from and demand that they look at it. They immediately took the back off, checked the batteries and laughed in my face. Apparently the batteries I brought were nowhere near the spec that the camera required. This taught me an important lesson, you get what you pay for.


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