The Blackberry Storm 3 : An Overview Of Its Specifications And Features

Strong market demands for full screen smartphones have convinced RIM to produce a Blackberry full screen smartphone that comes with a virtual keyboard instead of its trademark physical keyboard. The Blackberry Storm 3 is the name of their newest release and, as you would probably expect, it borrows heavily from its predecessor - the Storm 2.

The enhanced multimedia capabilities in the Storm 3 suggest that Blackberry might be edging slightly towards the multimedia market. However, the aesthetic look of the Storm 3 is pretty much similar to the Blackberry Storm 2. The curves at the edges of the smartphone work to bring out a trendy side of Blackberry that we have previously seen in the BB9700.

Some interesting aspects of the Storm 3 include the new Blackberry 6 operating system and the 1Ghz processor. The processor is the best that has ever appeared on Blackberry cell phones and we cant help but wonder, is the new operating system performance taxing? Indeed, the new 6 OS comes with changes that will successfully satisfy the demands of Blackberry fans. One good example would be social network integration. The new web browser also serves to appease the Blackberry fans who have been demanding for a browser that renders websites accurately.

The new interface on the Blackberry 6 OS comes with sleek visuals and a new set of lively icons. It is interesting that Blackberry cell phones (Storm 3 in particular) have the intention to discontinue their traditional look and replace it with a fresh and intuitive design that appeals to a younger audience.

At the back of the Blackberry Storm 3 is an 8-megapixel hi-resolution camera that provides images of excellent caliber. The snapped images look absolutely stunning on the vivid 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. These additions to the Storm 3 represent a whole new level of multimedia engagement on Blackberry cell phones.

The Surepress technology that was first introduced with the Blackberry Storm w is retained in the Storm 3. The unique clickable displays ensure that accidental typing does not occur easily. This innovate technology has been proven to largely reduce the downsides of full-screen Blackberry cell phones.

RIM has undertaken applaudable steps to ensure that Blackberry users get their well-deserved entertainment. The modern interface also shows that Blackberry cell phones are not irrelevant and will be around for years to come.

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