Feature Loaded Zoom H4n Recorder

Zoom Recorder

Known for providing excellent quality merchandise at affordable price, Zoom launched its latest portable handheld recorder, the Zoom H4n Recorder. The Zoom H4n Recorder is pre-loaded with new features and improved user experience. If one draws a comparison between H4n with the H2 Handy Recorder, the Zoom H4n Recorder is armed with tons of characteristics that will satisfy the wants of a professional.

The handy recorder provides refined recording experience with its new on-board X/Y stereo condenser microphones to 4 channel simultaneous recording. The digitally-controlled microphone preamplifier guarantees world-class audio quality, with easy adjustments on the fly and automated level setting for quick level optimizing. Being broadcast-ready, the Zoom H4n Recorder is armed with time-stamp and track-markers, coupled with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed support that permits for quick file transfer.

Boasting 24 bit/96kHz Linear PCM recording, on-board tuner, metronome and mono mix features, this mini however mighty recorder has built-in reference speaker for quick playback. Auto-record and pre-record features assist create smooth and comprehensive recording, no more misses. For you who are looking to integrate live music and sounds into your record, the built-in M/S stereo decoder permits for added microphones and Hi-Z inputs allow you to record guitar and bass at the same time. Studio effects such as guitar and bass amp modeling are included in the shock-resistant Zoom H4n Recorder.

The mounting joint for tripod and microphone stand mounting provide steady placement and plug-in power ready for external microphones. Utilizing SD cards as an alternative of tape or discs, you can see no mechanical noise and your recording will not be disturbed by vibrations. Converting WAV files into MP3 is simple with built-in normalizing features. Some tools such as 1GB SD card, windscreen, microphone clip adapter, AC adaptor, USB cable, protective case, Cubase LE recording software program and optional remote control also included within the package of Zoom H4n Recorder. Any career that includes audio as their essential tool such as reporter, interviewer, lecturer, musician, and so forth, could gain most from Zoom H4n Recorder. With the Zoom Recorder, you will be able to generate professional-quality recordings anyplace and whenever you want to.

Zoom H4n Recorder would aslo serve as the greatest option for this Christmas Present to help your loved people have improved work and result.

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