Get your hands one what is quite possibly the most popular phone ever: Learn how to win a free iphone

Okay I admit it, the title above looks too good to be true. Nonetheless there is truly a way to obtain an Apple iphone free of charge, there is a small catch nonetheless. The website that we discovered where you can receive a free Apple iphone is freebiejeebies. So what on earth is the catch? Follow the steps below to get your hands on one of many free iphones.

In order to get hold of one of the coolest looking mobile phones this generation, you need to finish a couple of actions. The initial step is to finish one of many offers listed on the freejeebies website. The offers will vary from opening up a new credit card, to purchasing a quit smoking e-book.

When the first step is accomplished, the next step is to direct 25 other people to do the same. These 25 people have to complete one of the offers also.

Is this going to end being a scam?

Unfortunately many referral based web sites are ripoffs, and therefore give respectable websites a negative name. If you visit the exceem online community, you will find several posts from members who have attained free items. Additionally , you will see that the founders of the freebiejeebies website post in that discussion board a good deal.

Do I really need Twenty-Five referrals?

Although initial phase is rather quick, it is the next step that's going to take you the most time. When acquiring referrals, make sure that you are within freebiejeebies regulations (don't commit fraud). Remember that the Twenty five referrals is to get a no cost iphone. Lower value merchandise requires less referrals. If you would like, you can test out the site with a lower cost product 1st. To secure a free ipod shuffle for instance, you only need 2 referrals.

There are various methods to start acquiring referrals. You should utilize the internet to help you get started. You may build a blogger site (free) letting others know of the free goods they can get with freebiejeebies. It is important to include your freebiejeebies link. As soon as your blogger site is set up, all you have to do is advertise it. You can do this by writing articles linking back to your blog, creating youtube video lessons also linking back to your blog. You can also become active in forums like exceem and also additional free offer based forums.

For anyone who is not too technical, you can print up flyers and position them on cork boards all-around schools, laundromats and any places that permit it. The flyers must include your referral hyperlink in order for you to get credit. Get started and before you know it you will get a free iphone 4.


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