How To Rip Blu Ray

Develpoped by the Blu Ray Disc Association blu ray, which is also known as the blu ray disc is a next generation optical disc format The format was developed to support recording, rewriting and playback of HD videos (high definition) and storing of large amounts of data. A blu ray can hold up to 25GB (sinlge layer) and 50GB (dual layer) of data and in this way provides 5 times more storage capacitiy compared to a regular DVD. This kind of feature and capacity will definitely provide a better HD experience to the viewers.

The HD experience of all viewers has increased drastically with the release of the blu ray. However, since blu ray is a new technology in the market, not all disc readers will be able to support and/or understand such file format. But thanks to the techno-savvy people and the geniuses who created a guide on how to rip blu ray and convert it into other file formats in such easy ways.

In order to rip and be able to convert a blu ray file to another file format, you would need to have an effective blu ray ripper. You can search over the internet for a list of blu ray ripper software. There are numerous blu ray ripper software applications available either for free or for a low fee. A good blu ray ripper will allow you to convert blu ray into vrious other formats. It will also give you the ability to burn blu ray discs as well as regular discs.

As soon as you have installed the blu ray ripper software on your computer ally ou have to do is choose the movie you would like to convert and click some buttons and the conversion process will start. You can choose different output formats such as AVI, iPod, DVD, DivX, MP4, WMV, MPEG and some other movie files.

There are several other ways ot rip a blu ray move. Usually it depends on the software you are using. A blu ray formatted movie has been proven to have the best quality and an amazing HD feature.


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