As cell phones continue to develop, many companies continue to improve on their operating systems to create faster and better experiences for users. Microsoft has recently launched Windows Phone 7 operating system and the HTC HD7 is one of the flagship phones utilizing its abilities. The HD7 not only competently operates WP7, it is a powerful phone in its own right.

The HD7 has an enormous screen that will instantly attract the gaze of anyone who picks up the phone. It measures a whopping 4.3 inches and allows for the maximum usage of the Windows Phone 7 OS features. It doesnt take much to imagine how clearly movies and other videos appear on its display. Pinch-to-zoom is a feature that most phones possess these days, and the HTC HD7 is no different. The screen maintains 480 x 800 resolution and fits on a body that measures 68mm x 11.2mm x 122m. This allows the phone to fit comfortably in the pocket, even with such a roomy screen. If you want to watch a movie without holding the handset the entire time, a kickstand is provided.

Applications, video, and web browsing zip along on the HTC HD7s Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz processor. 576 MB of installed RAM increase the performance speed. Aside from enviable speed, the HD7 possesses a 5 megapixel camera that presents a movie mode in 720p. This is certainly not exclusive to the HD7, but HTCs Hub sets the phone apart from the crowd by working seamlessly with WP7s already impressive operation. The HTC claims that the phone is supposed to be a one-stop entertainment machine, and the speakers at the top and bottom of the phone go a long way toward proving this claim. A metal band protects the speakers and surrounds the phone in its entirety.

There are plenty of native applications on the HTC HD7 including, of course, an email client. Some testers and reviewers noted that the HD7 received emails even before it showed up in their online mailbox. Email search is quite simple, as you have only to swipe right or left to find unread and flagged messages. The phone uses Internet Explorer as its browser and syncs with Zune Music and Videos. Microsoft Office is another native application on the phone, complete with Google Docs.

Media looks and operates great on the HTC HD7. The phone manages movies, music, and emails as well as and better than most other phones available. Add that to the impressive display, and the HD7 is a multimedia pistol.


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