It Is Time For The Christmas List

Christmas is a time of family, friends, food, wine and a lot of good laughs. So because it is nearly Christmas what are the things people are putting on their lists this year? After all there are a lot of spy gadgets out there this year to choose from, a lot of toys and video games, the prices are all very good too!

What About Kinect?

It would seem that this is at the top of a lot of people's list this Christmas and this is because it is a brand new way of sitting (or standing in this case) in front of your Xbox 360 to enjoy video games. No need to have a controller for this, all of the gaming is done with movement from the body, pretty awesome. No attachments to the body, all you need is Kinect, a game and yourself!

TV Time Again

We all have out favourite television series and the new seasons usually get released on DVD and Blu-Ray around this time of year (handy that). If you are like me you will watch a lot of TV shows, I can think of Family Guy, South Park and House as just a few examples, it is worth putting these onto your list!


The next thing that people seem very interested in this year is hidden spy cameras and telephone recording technologies. I am unsure whether this is because people are just getting more and more paranoid or this is a current fad that people are just going through. Of course the less serious gadgets are coming through also this year such as the chicken that takes a dump in the form of chocolate eggs.

So whatever you ask for this Christmas make sure you have a good one and meet up with everyone for good times!


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