A Little Help In Finding The Right Digital Camera

Most of the digital camera buying tips I've come across online appear to assume that the reader already knows a lot about digital cameras. Or often they will focus on specific accessories and photographic equipment like lenses or tripods. I looked everywhere for a really basic guide that answered my simpleton's questions.

You may already have some idea of what you are looking for. But if you're anything like me you don't have a clue. I've found that a good place to start is to search for things like 'top 10 digital cameras' or 'best digital camera'. Then I make use of the Googe search refinements to look at results from only the last month. By narrowing my search results to only those arising from the last month I immediately had a few genuinely useful resources to visit.

If you can, find someone who knows a little about photography and can talk to you without using too much baffling technical jargon. Also, pop along to your nearest stockist and take a look at a few cameras, making note of their model numbers. Doing this will highlight the features that are important to you.

So what are these all important digital camera features? Well let's start with the price. By thinking about budget at the outset you can immediately narrow your search. Then think about things like: compactness and size; optical image stabilisation; resolution (the number of megapixels); whether the camera has a plastic or glass lens and does it provide a zoom facility. Other features that were important to me included the auto-focus and face detection capabilities that can be found on many modern digital cameras.

By the time I'd taken into account the price, the size, the resolution and the features that I needed to help me take decent photographs I'd narrowed my short-list to only 6 cameras. After looking around I found that one of my shortlist was on special offer at an irresistible price from a well known high street retailer.

Even if you are searching for something more sophisticated, like a digital SLR camera, it's worth taking your time to identify what's important to you and then find the best possible price and supplier.


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