New Developments in Pocket Sized Cameras

As you shop for a pocket size camera, you will need to sift through the bad to get to the good. Unfortunately, even the best camera makers have a hard time getting it right. But they do manage to make improvements. Comprises and sacrifices are sometimes necessary because of the many factors that each maker has to consider. There is a lot to read about this market if you're interested in a great digital pocket size camera. Here are some selections to review before you buy anything.

The first camera we'll look at is the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX9 that seems to have compromised in certain areas. Although some people love this quality, we found the images to be consistently too soft. Some might find this cameras quick shooting capabilities appealing. For the adventurous, this camera performs well under a variety of conditions. This ultra compact camera has a 3.5 inch color TFT matrix LCD display and has 12 megapixel capabilities and 4X zoom. In addition to the photo softness issue, we also wish the battery life was longer. It is not possible to adequately cover all the features in this article, however, so if you're interested, you will need to do more research.

The next camera you might want to check out is by Sony; it's the Cyber-Shot DSC T100. The fact that this camera features Sony's patented face detecting technology is a huge draw among many of its fans. 5x zoom, 8 megapixels resolution, and a 3 inch LCD display are all noteworthy features of this camera. For example, flash metering for the correct amount of flash exposure which will help with the proper flesh tones. Many people feel that the image processing capacity of this camera is its best feature. Diminished response requirements, greater battery life, and better overall quality of images are just a few of the advantages on board processing allows.

With lots of manual features, the Canon PowerShot S95 is good for those that like to work with their hands. This little gem takes note worthy photos as well. This camera is ultra compact and comes with a multimedia card, SD memory card, and a 3 inch LCD, as well as having a more reasonable 10 megapixel resolution. The flash used on this camera is the pop up variety. Because there was nothing wrong with the great features of the S90, they were brought forward to this newer model. They did make improvements to the video resolution, increasing it to 720p. With the new camera, you have the ability to capture up to three photos at different intervals of exposure. The camera then processes these exposures to offer you a single image with more detail.

Sometimes it's tough to do a great follow-up to a terrific product, but that's an enviable position to be in for any pocket size camera maker. The number of choices mean that you can find a great camera to meet any specs, application, or budget. You can find a decent camera starting in the low hundreds on up to $500 or more. Why you need the camera is an important part of finding the right one. Once you can answer that, then you can begin researching cameras to find one that will meet your needs.

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