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Most computer stores and online catalogues usually offer a wide selection of different printers coming from the top manufacturers. With some good research, it can be feasible to look for the best producer according to the particular needs, but what makes points difficult is the fact that all of the best brands possess various ink jet printers to target various viewers.

For instance, HP, Epson, Canon, and Lexmark are all competing in the photo printer category, a category that is favoured by a lot of UK consumers. This is because photo printers have lots of benefits when compared to their numerous alternatives.

Outstanding Photo Quality

From the name itself, photo printers are universally better than all of the inkjet counterparts regardless of the brand. Consumers might be frustrated by the prices from the ink cartridges and also the devices on their own, however the picture high quality may competitor a few of the local stores that provide publishing providers. Those that are into frequent printing of photos will actually save some money. Plus users have more control of the image using software that may come with the printer that enhances photos to make them even better on paper.

Better Media Support

Some of the inkjet models available may advertise good photo printing quality and some printers really do perform that well. However, that usually applies when printing on standard paper. Inkjets in general simply do not accept photographic paper which brings out the true colour quality of printed photos. Some models are a bit larger allowing larger paper sizes to be supported as well.

Same Features as a Regular Printer

Just because the device is a photo printer doesn't mean that it cannot do the simple functions of an inkjet such as printing small documents or monochrome photos. Although it isn't recommended to do so because of the cost of the ink used, many of the modern photo printers are bundled with software that allow customisation of the overall quality to help save ink just in case these documents need to be printed. They are also just as easy to install as inkjets and there are a few compact photo printers available as well.

Good Extras

In addition to the core features of an inkjet, photo printers are usually enhanced with more features with the most common being support for digital cameras. Using the digital camera's USB cable, a connection will be made to the printer's USB port. If it is compatible, any photos stored in the camera's memory can be printed directly reducing the effort in setting up the PC software to do it. Some printers may feature borderless printing and double-sided printing for photos to look even better. Many of the newest models have built-in Wi-Fi networking just like the other multifunction printers out there. Finally, photos usually print faster than inkjets in general.

These features can only be taken advantage of if the printer will be used primarily for printing photos or graphics. If ordinary documents are to be printed more often, an inkjet or laser printer would be a better solution.


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