The reason why Your own home Needs a Bathroom Heater Fan

ceiling fans with heaters

If your old bath fan were not performing properly, installation of a bathroom heater fan would be the way to go. In addition to being fully functional, fans of this type are often loaded with features. To remove bathroom odors, humidity, steam, moisture, and even heat up by the ceiling area, this is the perfect solution. In fact, homes being built today use extractor fans as the standard offering because of the affordability but also performance. The following are just a few of the many reasons a fan of this type makes sense.

Odor and Moisture Eliminator

Standard bathroom fans are designed to move air or remove/reduce moisture and nothing more. The issue is that if you've got a bathroom used by several people, the actual fan cannot keep up with need so as an effect, dampness begins to build up where it may cause mold and mildew to develop, smells begin to form, and wood, in addition to drywall can be damaged. In addition, if the floors are made from tile, they would become slippery, which makes them hazardous.

However, choosing a fan with heat, moisture is extracted from the room through the ductwork while the heater ensures the room is completely dry. This means any potential risks have been removed, damage prevented, and lingering odors extracted. Immediately, the bathroom looks cleaner and has a fresher smell.


Of course, having an extractor fan with a heater in the bath fan means a more comfortable room. Although this would be most beneficial during cold winter months, even on cooler summer days, the heater would take any chill out of the room. That way, when stepping out of the bath or shower, the room would be inviting. Typically, fans of this type are designed with an infrared heat lamp, which means the room is heated quickly. This type of heat is ideal for fan systems in the bathroom because they work effectively and efficiently in smaller spaces.

Steam and Humidity Removal

Two common complaints in the bathroom are mirrors being covered with steam and mold and mildew growing due to humidity. The good news is that a bathroom heater fan works excellent at defogging mirrors so getting ready is much easier. Then as mentioned, this type of bath fan prevents growth of mold and mildew with humidity levels being controlled.


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