Share Your Adventurous Moment with GoPro Camera

Gopro Camera

Is it possible to do extreme sports and catch photo on your own?

It is Definitely Possible.

Using GoPro Hero HD Digicam, you may take video and pictures while riding motorcycle, surfboarding, and so on. Featuring clear and steady result along with slow motion mode, the digicam records your sport moment and gives 5 megapixel photos.

Select three types of Full HD Video. There are three types of HD resolutions that are 1080p (127º angle @ 30 fps, 16:9 aspect ratio), 960p (170º angle @ 30 fps, 4:3 aspect ratio), and 720p (170º angle @ 30 OR 60 fps, 16:9 aspect ratio).

Extreme sports activities deal with extraordinary circumstances, say great waves in Hawaii, dangerous tracks of racing tracks, and scuba diving. HD Helmet Hero Digicam is shockproof and waterproof to 180' (60m). It is constructed by polycarbonate exoskeletal housing. GoPro Hero Digicam is sturdy in all circumstances. You do not have to worry that you'll miss sharing the great moments since GoPro Digicam will make it easier to capture them.

You could make use of the video function as well as taking photo. You will benefit from 5MP Images and select whether it's singe shot, triple shot, or self timer. In 2.5 hours of battery life, you may get automatic pictures at 2 / 5 / 10 / 30 / and 60 second intervals. Then, you can save them within the SD card. It is really not complicated

GoPro HD Hero battery is a chargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, Built-in Warmer. In 2 hours, the battery could be recharged to 80% capacity just by plugged into a computer's USB port. It takes 1 hour if it is plugged into USB wall or automotive charger. Although it's charged, you may still utilize the digicam.

Overall, the digicam comes in good package and plenty of accessories. With simple design, the digicam stands as highly effective recording tool in extreme sports activities or daily activity.

If your family members are extreme sports enthusiast, then GoPro Digital camera would be a great Christmas gift for him/her.


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