Thoughts On GT5

Whilst I would never be happy to admit that a game on the PS3 would become the best game of any genre I still own a Playstation 3 and reckon that this new game will pack a series punch when it comes to racing genre. Crack out those Audi lease cars as well as lease vans this game is out and is ready to rock and roll.

The Positives

One of the best new features about this game is its damage model and this depends on whether a vehicle is in the standard or premium category which is a bit annoying. weather effects have also come in but only on certain circuits. New visuals have been brought into the game such as dynamic skid marks, dust and drivers can flash their headlights too, all pretty cool stuff.

Another great thing about this game is that it features 71 different tracks along with a running total of 1,031 cars and Lamborghini and Bugatti have finally joined the franchise! There are negatives to this game also.

The Major Negatives

The AI (like all other games in the franchise) are terrible and will break for no reason at all when you are there not knowing that there is a human controlled player present. I am not a big fan of the damage model either as you have to have smashed the car up several times in some bad crashes before it makes a difference to the look of the car. The course maker does not let you do anything from scratch but only allows you to edit random generated tracks.

Many of the cars also lack cockpit views and the tracks have clearly not been worked on as much as the cars.

It is a good game but there are many issues that will stop it getting racing game of the year. Check out car leasing UK as an option if you wish to get a car.


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