What Makes Quality Pro Sound Systems?

pro audio speakers

Pro sound systems come in many different variations, some are big and some are small. The two types of sound systems are fixed/installed or portable. Both have unique characteristics that are based on the application they are intended for. While a large pro sound system may cover thousands of people, it may not be suitable for a smaller area of coverage.

In order to determine what size of a pro sound system you need, you will need to know how many people you need to address with the system, and how large of a space that needs to be filled. Other items that need to be addressed are the placement and positioning of the speakers as not every speaker is designed for the same venue. Many speakers these days are designed for specific task whether it is providing sound coverage for a church or a concert. Many companies are introducing pro sound systems intended for specific use. However, it is not always the perfect solution to providing optimum sound coverage.

Now let's talk about the three most major components to a pro sound system:

1. Mixers- A mixer will be the first major component of your sound system. It brings in a signal from a source and mixes it with another source. With regard to example, a user uses this piece of equipment to alter the amount of these Compact disc player as well as mike and mix all of them together until an appealing stability associated with seem is actually achieved. It is very important to purchase a quality mixer because it will be the first single source which audio is passed through.

2. Amplifiers- These pieces of equipment provide power for your speakers. It is the SECOND MOST CRITICAL piece of equipment you can own. It accepts a signal from your mixer. Amplifiers come in many different models and makes. Don't treat every amplifier the same though. There are amplifiers which will hurt your effort to create a pro sound system based on their quality. DO NOT purchase a budget amplifier if you want to sound good. Experience knows that every amplifier has a distinct sound whether it be a bump in the level of bass or treble. A quality amplifier will have high efficiency circuitry which is designed specifically for passing audio.

3. Speakers- A speaker is the MOST CRITICAL piece of equipment you can purchase. However they range in price depending on their application. For example, a quality speaker a DJ would use for a venue size of 200 people or less should cost in the range of $400-$800 per speaker. The reason for the high price is the construction of the speaker and the speaker box. Generally speakers that are constructed with a greater high quality will be more effective, therefore need much less power to produce the same amount of SPL like a speaker that is fifty percent the cost but could require twice the ability. You could save money on an amplifier if you purchase speakers that are more efficient.

When making a large purchase of a pro sound system it is very wise to talk to a professional who understands your need. They will have the experience and knowledge of the equipment you will need to purchase in order to build your sound system.


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