Which Is the Best Ebook Reader Or E-Reader?

How do you know which is the best electronic reading device, Christmas is coming and I want to buy one as a present? There are many features which you need to consider, when choosing the best ebook reader, because they are available with different storage capacity, some have wireless technology and longer battery life.

If you intend on taking your reading device abroad, you need to consider re-charging requirements unless your reader has a long battery life. Have you considered the Amazon Kindle, if you are travelling? Using the wireless feature, the battery will last three weeks, but if you don't use wireless - the charge will last a complete 30 days.

Do you read when you are on public transport, where there are lots of people in small vicinity. You need to bear this in mind when choosing the size screen you read from.

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Do you need one with a backlight or would you be content with one that reads just like a paperback book, using a normal reading light.

If you just get a normal screen for reading in daylight, what happens if you want to read at night - what about the glare from your electric light? If you sleep on your own at night, then fine, but won't a light on in the bedroom wake your partner? In this case, the Amazon Kindle 3 range would be the right choice. The new latest generation kindle reader also comes with quieter page turns, again you won't be bothering your sleeping partner!

Would you rather a touch display, like the Sony Touch Edition e-book reader (PRS 600), or are you 'old school' like myself and prefer using 'soft clicking buttons' to turn pages?

Would you prefer an electronic reader which does not require a PC connection, ie - download books using a wireless connection? What if you could download a book (via wireless) in a very quick time?

Do you require you own online book library, where even your ebooks can be backed up for FREE? Amazon have this all set up for you when you purchase a Kindle reading device. Well, you get free access to nearly two million free books with the Amazon Kindle library. If you only want to spend ten bucks, you have a further choice of half a million books. This online book library also lets you download and read first chapters for free. Then you can download and be reading it within 60 seconds - nice!

Do you read things in different formatting? If you do, this will affect your choice of electronic reader. Do you think you'd be better off buying reader which reads multiple formats now, as opposed to later - something to consider? Why not get one which does all the work for you and converts different formats, so you can read them all?

Are you the type of person which takes a book everywhere you go? What if you are not in a wireless hot-spot? Then choose the Amazon Kindle DX and this problem goes away. Because you can download books in places like Norway, UK, Hong Kong, Spain and Japan and in over 100 countries in total.

Do you use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where you can share messages? The latest generation Amazon Kindle lets you share snippets on both these platforms.


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