Why Would You Want A Blackberry Pearl 3G

If you have heard of the Blackberry Pearl 3G you may be wondering what the big deal is. I mean we already have so many great devices to choose from so why do we need another one? This is a good question and we will be examining the reasons why you might want to purchase a Blackberry Pearl 3G here.

- There really has never been any device quite like the new Blackberry previously. The manufacturers have actually gone a step further than adding a few new snazzy gadgets; they have actually reinvented the whole concept. That means that you really are getting something new when you buy one of these devices.

- When it comes to the size of the Blackberry Pearl 3G, one noticeable feature is how much smaller it is to previous models. So not only is the new Blackberry much more attractive, it is also easier to cope with; you have to agree that the old Blackberry was never that great to look at.

- But the capabilities of this phone have not been sacrificed in order to make it smaller. In actual fact, this Blackberry model can do more than other Blackberrys.

- The old annoying tracker ball has been removed and instead there is now an optical mouse. Many people used to complain that the old mouse was not very responsive but now that is no longer a problem.

- This new Blackberry has changed the keyboard system that was previously confusing. This Blackberry is now using a similar device to other keyboard phones.

- There really is an impressive screen on the Blackberry Pearl 3G. It has a great ability to bring photos and video to life even though it is quite small.

- The fact that this Blackberry has a camera which allows the user to make movies and take photos is one of the best new additions.


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