Xperia Phones : What To Look Out For

The cell phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson dived straight into the smartphone market in 2008 by introducing the Xperia X1. Since then there have been 7 different models released under the Xperia name and they have become an important participant in the highly competitive smartphone market. Sony Ericssons particular niche has involved a strong position in marketing to those who have an interest in music. A summary follows of some of Sony Ericssons Xperia options.

The Xperia X10 as mentioned was Sony Ericssons first entry into the smartphone market, and this phone entered with a bang being the first to introduce a large 4 touch-screen. The phone appeals to those interested in social networking through their smartphones by utilizing their trademark Timescape UI, which allows users to participate on all of their social networks from one spot their smartphone. A powerful 1 GHz processor runs Android version 2.1 OS. This phone has a nice 8 mega-pixel camera, which can be used for still photos or for 720p HD video.

The Xperia X10 Mini / Mini Pro are very similar to the original X10. The X10 Mini and Mini Pro are two very similar cell phones aside from a slide out keyboard and removable battery. The X10 Mini has a 2.55-inch capacitive touch-screen and a 600 MHz processor. The unit runs Android 2.1 OS. Both of these units have the same Timescape UI that is installed on the X10. These two smaller versions have a 5 mega-pixel camera. For many, these smaller models may serve them better due to their compact size and slide out keyboards. The performance quality of these smaller units is nearly identical to the X10.

If you are looking for a power packed smartphone at a reasonable price consider the Xperia X8. This phone is a bit smaller on the face, but is thicker overall than the Xperia X10. This phone comes with Android 1.6 OS, which can be upgraded, to Android 2.1 OS. As is becoming the industry standard for smartphones, the X8 comes with GPS, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and a 600 MHz processor. There is a 3-inch capacitive touch-screen, which has a slightly lower resolution than the X10.

Sony Ericsson fans have a lot to choose from with the Xperia line of smartphones. Android OS and a full range of standard features will satisfy even the most discerning smartphone shoppers.

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