3D TVs - A New Dimension in Televisions

Since the Television became commercially available in the 1920s, the TV set has evolved from a simple box which displayed black and white images to 3D TVs that produce life-like images. Forget 'Full HD' and the digital switchover, come-a -live 'stereoscopic 3D' will change the way you watch television forever. All the leading manufacturers are getting in on the act with Samsung, LG, and Sony setting the standard in the 3D television industry. The industry is on the verge of a boom period as the demand for 3D TV looks set to increase tenfold.

With movies and sport now being commonly filmed in 3D, it could be time to invest in a 3D TV. 3D Televisions deliver picture quality like you have never seen before. 3D Television technology seemingly elevates pictured objects from the screen transforming the flat confines of a television to new explosive imagery that make sit seem as if your amongst the action.

Browsing through a range of 3D TVs and you will see that there is a range of quality 3D TVs available on the market. The variants include LCD, Plasma, or an LED TV. Samsung's 3D TVs range in size from 40 inch to 63 inch screen size, with integrated Freesat and Freeview HD. With DVI and HDMI inputs, the PS363C7000 Samsung 3D TV provides plenty of connectivity options. Connect to your PC and use it a huge wide-screen monitor or play a game console and create the ultimate gaming experience.

There is fantastic selection of 3D ready products to enhance your viewing. To really get the most from the 3D experience, it's worth purchasing a home cinema system to really make the movie come to life. It's best to pair a 3DTV with an entertainment system which is of the same brand, for example a Panasonic TV with a Panasonic system. Additional features include Internet@TV which provides a web connection straight to your 3D TV, with an abundance of apps available such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We also stock some stylish 3D glasses to complete your 3D experience.


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