The Apple App Store: Why?

Despite the fact that it was hacked almost immediately, Apples desktop app store met a warm welcome, offering popular online serves in the form of apps, just like mobile apps. This behaves very much like the mobile app division, offering a number of simple, useful programs that carry out tasks me normally use websites for. As many would have guessed, the most downloaded app so far is Twitter. This means that instead of visting the Twitter website, one now just needs to open the app from the desktop and begin Tweeting away.

So what is the point of Apple's app store? Is it really any faster or more convenient to open a program rather than visiting the website to perform the same task? Marginally perhaps, but this hardly comes into it. Some apps do require financial remuneration, or prestamos inmediatos as the Spanish say, so this could really just be a money spinner for Apple.

Interestingly, Apple seems to be going the opposite way to Google. While Google's store offer online apps that operate through a browser, Apple's apps actually take up memory. There is a key difference between Apple's and Google's respective approaches, the former seem to be offering a new software model wears the latter look to move computing into the cloud.

Applications, or programs as they were known seem to be moving away from the highly priced models of old and moving towards cheaper pieces of tech which can only be purchased online. A aesthetically pleasing easy to use site full of a wealth of different apps offered at a reasonable price, or as the Spanish would say dinero facil.

Imposing the mobile app model upon consumers seems to have changed the way that people buy software, apps priced at below £2 represent an attractive offer for 'collectors' who want the latest game or widget on their phone. Only time will tell if the web app store is as successful. prestamos personales en efectivo


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