Be in touch with your mails even when in Belarus

Be in touch with your mails even when in Belarus

Whether you are travelling to Belarus or live and work there, it is extremely important that you can access your business email, whether hosted on an in-house Microsoft Exchange Server, or with an Exchange provider. Server with low-cost shared Exchange hosting and integration with hosted Blackberry becomes useful! You would also like the ability to access your email on a mobile device or from an internet caf©.

The ability to access your hosting exchange server on a mobile phone depends on whether you are carrying a mobile device that can access the local wireless provider, the data plans offered by the provider, and the proper configuration of your device.

Belarus is a country with a population of 9.85 million. The spoken language of Belarus includes Belarusian, Polish and Yiddish. Language is never a barrier for people using Exchange 2010 hosting. When you buy Exchange server you can choose from different language packs Thus, allowing residents of Belarus to enjoy the use of MS exchange server in their own language.

The three biggest wireless providers in Belarus are Belarusian Telecommunications Network CJSC, FE VELCOM and JLLC Mobile TeleSystems (MTS). You should check their web sites to see the variety of pre-paid and post-paid data plans. If you are travelling from another country, you will have to check with your home country wireless provider if they have data roaming arrangements with Belarus carriers. Also, check with your country's telephone providers about their compatibility with the Belarus' wireless providers.

If mobile access is too expensive or not available, you can always access your exchange emails from a browser or in an internet caf© using Outlook Web Access or Outlook Web App . If you are carrying a laptop, you can get WiFi or landline connections at Hotels, Internet cafes and Airports.


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